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May 25, 2016

My Favorite Things | Wedding Trends April 2016 | Wedding Wednesday

Today I’m talking about my Favorite Things from Megan + Steven’s Wedding!

These are the things that really stuck out to me to highlight that I think future brides would benefit from.

2016-05-05_00452016-05-05_00202016-05-05_00792016-05-05_00851) Simple Venue.
Megan + Steven were married at Camp Harrison in Boomer, NC (please note if the wedding bookings pick up there from people in our circle Megan did it first haha!). This venue does not have chandilers hanging around, it’s actually a YMCA camp! What it does have is an open pavilion with a cross (LOVE!) and lots of wonderful, amazing, glorious land for photos. Now if you take a look at this couple’s engagement session you know that this was the perfect fit for them. A bit of #MeganMagic (and flowers) and a simple pavilion transformed into a wonderful little home for her guests to laugh, eat and dance!

2016-05-05_00052016-05-05_00062) Mismatched Dresses
This is my favorite trend and we have at least one other couple doing it this year and I’m so excited!
Megan picked her color (coral) and the bridesmaids picked there own dresses. It’s so functional and it photos in looks amazing!!

2016-05-05_00862016-05-05_00332016-05-05_00913) Coral + Mint
These colors are two of my favorites on there own… but put them together and well, I’m in love!

2016-05-05_00722016-05-05_00712016-05-05_00782016-05-05_00704) Glow Stick Exit
Okay, we LOVE sparkler exits, and even with our special system for sparklers they can be stressful (ask any wedding photographer), BUT Glow Sticks are amazing because kids can join in safely, the bride does not have to worry about be being burnt (hairspray, y’all.), and they last longer!

5) Flower Girl + Ring Bearer
Not really a trend, but we know sometimes couples are worried that kids, can be too crazy the day of! It’s definitely a preference for you specifically, and depends if you are close enough to any kids that you’d consider for those positions. We usually find that there is enough happening and enough family there that wants to play with them that they do pretty well!

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