It’s the launch of my brand new site/brand. The same site that went through mega periods of trashing everything at 2am before I was happy.

Well.. I’m finally happy and it fits my style. 

I’m Courtney…


– I love the timeless and clean lines and colors of magazines pages that let the images pop and speak for themselves. I wanted a website that had that feel to it.

– I love wearing lots of black…

– However, I also like a little Lilly pink and gold every now and then. So you will find hints of that signature color on the main site, blog and my wedding site!

– I’m not into having you click through a million different pages to get somewhere and I love the simple, scrolling interface and believe this is where most sites are headed.

– I am obsessed with the font used for “VOGUE”. OBSESSED so I wanted my logo to utilize one that was similar. 

– I like to think outside the box- which is why my logo is not fully contained its border. 

  The powerhouse behind my site is ShowIt! I’m so excited and so thrilled to have the opportunity to work with this amazing company. Some of the leading guys and gals in the photography industry love and trust, and I’m so happy to say that I do too.

Really, they are the BEST place to create an interactive site on the internet. Part of the reason I could not narrow down the initial design for my site was because I wasn’t used to having virtually no restrictions in my design. This is a no code, and it a drag and drop website building platform that allows you such amazing control. My initial design started utilizing the background video feature a thousand times just because I could! I finally did away with that and will save select clips for my senior site and planned future video projects instead, but it was so fun to see just what Show It could do that others could not.

If YOU are interested in building an awesome site with ShowIt, or need a little help please let me know! I was so passionate about my build and I would love to assist on your project, and make your brand or business come alive!


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