Kaleb + Samantha | Backyard/Winery Wedding

I’m working backwards on posting our all of our June weddings and these cuties are up first!2016-07-25_0037 

2016-07-25_0002 2016-07-25_0007Every detail of this wedding was picture perfect!

Can you guess what dance is being practiced below? πŸ˜€

2016-07-25_0008 2016-07-25_0009

All the lovely details around Samantha’s family’s home!

2016-07-25_0013 2016-07-25_0011KALEB!!
2016-07-25_0006 2016-07-25_0005 2016-07-25_0004

Such a wonderful first look!

2016-07-25_0014 2016-07-25_0015 2016-07-25_0018 2016-07-25_0016

Some of the bridal party just could not resist getting a peek of the first look! (Side note: THOSE SHUTTERS <3 )

2016-07-25_0017 2016-07-25_0026 2016-07-25_0021

Check out these amazing pews…. Amazing!

2016-07-25_0019 2016-07-25_0022 2016-07-25_0020 2016-07-25_0023 2016-07-25_0012 2016-07-25_0024 2016-07-25_0025

their color scheme is too die for!

2016-07-25_0038 2016-07-25_0035 2016-07-25_0027 2016-07-25_0028

You can tell what an awesome group these guys are. Even after we made them do so many pictures in the heat they were still up for a getting a fun selfie!

2016-07-25_0036 2016-07-25_0039 2016-07-25_0001 2016-07-25_0040

Sam + Kaleb’s vows were perfect for them. Just amazing!

2016-07-25_0041 2016-07-25_0042 2016-07-25_0043 2016-07-25_0047 2016-07-25_0048

So this dog was pretty friendly…


..Until my brother-in-law, Dusty tries to pick him up… LOOK at that dog’s face and LOOK at everyone’s reaction around them because of the sounds it made. Hahaha!

2016-07-25_0045 2016-07-25_0046

The Waldensian Winery is just picture perfect!
2016-07-25_0030 2016-07-25_0029 2016-07-25_0032 2016-07-25_0033 2016-07-25_0034 2016-07-25_0052
Okay, so for real now. Doughnuts and Cupcakes… I was NOT disappointed!


So remember how my brother-in-law, Dusty, picked up a dog that yelped during the father/daughter dance? Right, okay so THIS is the moment he redeemed himself. Dusty is an EXCELLENT videographer and for part of his Best Man speech he put together an amazing surprise video for his friends. It featured interviews with all their family and was absolutely wonderful.

I think this is such a perfect way for families to be involved! Click HERE to view and just look at their reactions!


Yes guys. Now it’s time for one of my favorite parts.. Crazy, reception dancing! Wooooo!

2016-07-25_0054 2016-07-25_0055 2016-07-25_0056 2016-07-25_0057 2016-07-25_0058 2016-07-25_0059

Cheers to Samantha & Kaleb!


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