Why #CommunityOverCompetition?


So what’s with the hashtag sensation behind #communityovercompetition?

I think it has to do with being in a creative business industry. We creatives are usually solopreneurs who so often crave that interaction our friends and spouses receive with their own job. The sense of belonging to something bigger than them… Having a tribe of people that really relate to our ups and downs.

Fear and doubt let us believe that other local creatives in our field:

 1) don’t feel that way as well and 

2) can’t get past our businesses and the “race” to take time to be friends/colleagues.

Internet friends are great, but real local friendships can mean so much too.

 So why #communityovercompetition?

..because the world has too much evil already. because you can’t be a senior photographer, who hopes your clients are fair, kind and include their peers, if you’re not setting that example for them in the real world. because leading by example, rather than titles, awards and words is so much more valuable and authentic. because creative industries can suck the life out of you. because authenticity matters. because creativity trumps the comparison game. because building bridges is more valuable than building walls. because I’m so thankful for the friendships I’ve made. because community is more important than competition.

Above is just part of my “why” for being apart of the #communityovercompetition movement- do you have one? Let me know in the comments! If you are in the Hickory area join our group here and plan to come to our first meet-up in September!

Cultivate your own Community or Join ours!✌🏻️


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