Senior Year Encouragement

It’s Wednesday (aka HUMP Day) and today, I am saying a prayer and sending positive thoughts to these sweet, senior girls that I’ve been SO blessed to meet so far this summer. I’m also thinking of all of you Seniors that I’m prepping to work with this Fall and next Spring.    



It’s always encouraging to work with seniors, especially such a vibrant group of young girls who I KNOW are going to do big things. This is such a crazy time in any senior’s life, and high school can feel like the biggest moment in your existence at the time, but I promise there is much more waiting for you outside those walls. When it’s rough just smile, keep your head up and get through it, knowing greatness lies ahead!

That said, I don’t believe anyone should completely write off their last year of high school. There is still so much beauty to be seen and fun meant to be had inside those walls.. before you are met with the real world and all its craziness. Remember to enjoy the ride and SOAK UP the routine, the friends and the seniority you have while you are all in the same place! Someday everyone will be spread out everywhere and you will miss it.. if only a little bit!

I hope all you guys and gals are having a great first week and continue to have a safe, fun and memorable SENIOR year! I cannot wait to see all the memories you’ll share this year and in the years to come!

❤️- Courtney


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