The Importance of Lighting | The Light Series

I’ve been looking for an educational topic to dive into on the blog for a while. I love helping others with their photography struggles, and I wanted a way to be educational while reaching a larger audience than I can in emails or in person!

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For me, lighting stuck out as a great subject to tackle because it is the biggest part of my job..

Great photography is not about the camera. There are several steps to take that make a photo go from good to great – lighting being one of the main ones!
Think about it, when you take a photo (even a cell phone selfie) what is the first thing you need to look at — after prepping yourself and reapplying lipstick?

The Lighting.

Yet, so many new photographers are falling into the trap of worrying about the wrong things before they get a handle on the most important ingredient for an awesome photo– Light!!
You guys… styled props can wait, far away & cool locations can wait, but finding a recipe for success with lighting absolutely cannot. It’s just so crucial to making the photo pop and making your life easier!

If you have ever had a session with me you have probably heard me reassure you that “I know there is trash over in that corner, but the light is AWESOME here. Trust me.”

(Or “I know I’m making you stand by a drain… in a parking lot, but the light is great here.”)

It takes confidence to say that to my new clients every time, but you guys it is so true! Lighting really is everything for photography, and Photoshop can only do so much to fix bad lighting. It fact, most of the time even Photoshop can’t fix the problems caused by bad lighting…

Next week, I am starting a  Multi-Week Blog Series that will give you my favorite tips for finding great light and capturing it well… no matter that conditions.

I hope you will enjoy and come back each week to learn more about different lighting challenges and mistakes, and the ways to correct them! ❤️ 

PS- In addition to this series I’m starting a bi-weekly “ask series” as well! This will allow you to ask any question about photography from a personal or business viewpoint. Feel free to send me all your questions 🙂


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