What WAS in my bag? | Coffee with Courtney

It’s a great day for a new blog series!!
Welcome to my FIRST Coffee with Courtney post!


On these posts I’ll be sharing some photography and business related topics (big and small) that I’ve learned over the past few years, in hopes that it can help someone stopping by!

I want to encourage you to send me any questions you may have, because I’m going back in my inbox to try to answer every single one (on here) that I’ve ever been asked! I’m certainly no expert, but we all have different ways of learning and I hope that I can pass on a bit of that free knowledge I was fortunate enough to read around 2-3AM haha when I first started!
I’m starting this first post with a twist on the most asked questions I get:

“What’s in you bag?”
“What camera do you use?”
and, finally… “What lenses do you use?”

I think it’s sometimes easy to do the whole “what’s in my bag” post when you feel a little bit more established in your business. I get it– the gear I use is pretty set in stone now and I’m in a place where it’s a bit more fun to share all the toys I’ve collected!

However, for me the struggle was really real when I started and I never wanted to come off like I’m trying to boast about what I’ve been blessed with since then… so I put a little spin on those questions, and today I’m going to talk about what was in my bag when I first started my business! After all, those first few years were a big time for me to lay the foundations of Courtney Abernathy Photography, so I feel like this info is just as important!
So here is what was in my Aqua JoTotes bag in the Summer of 2012:

Nikon D7000 – bought refurbished
Nikon SB-700 Speedlight
Nikon 50mm 1.4 – bought refurbished
Nikon 35mm 1.8

Please Note:
When I started, portraits were about 99% of what I was covering and I think that the above gear is adequate for that. Now, a lot of my work is with weddings and I would say that I don’t feel this fully is the right gear to give you (or your clients) security solo shooting on a wedding day. I actually wouldn’t shoot solo or lead shooting a wedding without a secondary camera that is just as great as my lead one, because unfortunately LIFE happens!

Anyways.. at the End of August 2012 I added the 70-200mm 2.8 to my bag…. I bought it used and for a great price.. Guess what lens I am still using?! Yep, still have that amazing, workhorse of a lens!

Actually, the only two things I still have from when I started are my flash and the 70-200mm, but for the first 1-2 years all those other tools helped me grow my business tremendously!

I hope this helps give you a peek into my mindset if you are considering a business in photography or even just a new lens for your hobby. One day, I will dive more in depth on the “why” I used/use each lens and more, but for now I’m going to get back to the never-ending task of editing before a session!

Have a great day <3


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