Busy really is overrated…

I’m planning our next #TuesdaysTogether Meet-Up currently and looking over December’s theme.
It’s “Rest, Rejuvenation and Reflection” and I believe that is such a well-timed topic…

For me, it’s the busy season and here I am… relatively unbusy. 

I mean, as a business owner and homeschool mom, I AM always busy. There are always a million messages to answer on my email, Facebook page, personal page, Instagram, text and phone (holy communication, Batman!), but it’s not like it has been in the past. I’m graciously not desperate for work, and even though I could pack in more I’m honestly content with the sessions and the clients I have had the honor of seeing this year.

When I was planning out my calendar for this Fall/Winter season there was one phrase I kept going back to.
“Let’s stop the glorification of busy.” 

You see when I first started my business I believed the LIE that being busy was the ONLY way to gauge true success. 

However, this year I surrounded myself with some amazing people and I learned something far from that. I finally saw that my business would never truly thrive if I was always running myself ragged to keep up with the demand. I found that I couldn’t make the time to love and serve my clients like I should if I’m maxed out. I also realized the harsh reality that my business would never grow in the areas I wanted if I didn’t take the time to step out of it for extended periods of time and understand it’s strengths and weaknesses.

I now feel that being “un-busy” is all about being intentional and learning to base success off the realistic goals you set and how that flows with the season of life you are in.  This is important to not only your personal well-being, but for how your business grows in the future.

When I measured success in numbers and popularity it often led to more stress. It was like I could never truly be happy because numbers on paper or the computer could ALWAYS be higher or I could always book out one more day. This year, I measured business success in how happy I could make clients and how I could impact their lives by running my business as a blessing and not a chore. 

This is the year that I truly felt real success since starting in 2012. Success that was measured in moments and thank yous and not likes or money.
I’m working on a post (or a few) that will talk more about this for the future, but until then I absolutely think everyone should make it their goal for 2017 to not get caught up in the glorification of busy. 
As you plan for for the new year, think about your growth in terms of quality, not quantity. We should all take time to make plans for TRUE growth over the next few years in the areas we want to succeed. ❤️

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