4 Things You Shouldn’t Forget! | Engagement Session Prep

There are so many things to think about when it comes to planning the big wedding day. However, the prep for the engagement session sometimes falls to the side and then after it’s over you wish you would’ve done something differently! I try to send great tips beforehand to my CAP couples, and here are just 4 of them that I feel are worth sharing! (PS- None of these couples did these things I just couldn’t resist sharing their cute photos!)


  1. Ladies, take off that black elastic hair band!
    You know the one. Either you’ve had it since 7th grade or you just bought a new pack yesterday and can only find the one that’s on your wrist! I can’t promise you will still have it at the end of the session, but I can tell you you will be MUCH happier without in your photos! (Usually this is easy to spot, but if you wear an arm full of cute bracelets it may be easily hidden for some shots. You also want to have enough time for that indentation that it makes to go away before we begin!)raven-19
  2. Guys, remove ALL items from your pockets!
    I will not edit out that iPhone, wallet, or key shape that shows up in photos. Okay…
    I likely will because I should’ve seen that and reminded (or yelled at) you, BUT just help me help you and don’t fill your pockets like you are about to go on a weekend camping trip! HA! Also, I’m carrying like 10 pounds minimum at our session in my backpack… your keys/phone/wallet can rest safely with me and I won’t even notice!engagement2016-17
  3. Ladies, freshen up OR remove your nail polish!
    Go nude (on your NAILS) or get them done, either way make sure they look well kept and consistent. Your hands are in more photos than you may think! You will kick yourself for not paying attention to that.kelley-36
  4. Guys, clean that diamond ring!
    Why is this directed toward the guy? You made a big investment on that thing, AND don’t you want some brownie points for thinking of the little things like making it shine!?


I hope these tips help you with your next session, whether it’s an engagement session or not!!

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