4 Tips to Overcome the AWKWARD! | Coffee with Courtney

I’m pretty introverted unless I really know you.  Maybe that’s why I like blogging… because I’m never going to have the bravery to talk this much anywhere else haha!

However, I quickly learned that this is the wrong career to be an introvert, so I develop this sense of bravery at my sessions where I don’t let my normal introvert side show! Maybe you are also an introvert who struggles with keeping your clients engaged at your sessions, or your nervousness overcomes you and you freeze. If so, here are a few tips to help you get over that and keep the conversation going for hours.

1. Stalk your clients a little beforehand.
This is Introvert 101. It’s okay to see if you have any connections to their friends or where they work. You won’t need a satellite photo of their house, dead pet’s names or anything too deep, but “lite-stalking” is okay. (This is the only time that is cool I think haha)

2. If you are bad at names, figure out ways to help remember them.
Repeat them over and over beforehand if its a large family session, write them out if you are visual, etc. (Pro Tip: Don’t refer to The Office for advice on this..)

3. Don’t be afraid to talk about yourself!
I used to be afraid of this one. I thought everything needed to be about the clients! What I didn’t realize is that this meant I was putting them in the position to come up with 1-2 hours of material to talk about… Yikes! Treat this session like a friendship and share a little about yourself so they feel comfy to engage in the conversation. Sometimes I’ll see that I need to do the majority of the talking or more of the listening. No way is “right”, it’s completely different for each session and adapting is key!

4. Don’t feel the need to be so technical!
When I was new I used to feel like I had to explain or validate why I was doing something- from changing their location or my lens. This gets boring really quick for you and them. Remember you were hired for a reason! You don’t have to wow them with your extensive photography lingo, just the end product!

I hope this helps you capture your clients better and feel more confident at your own sessions!


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