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There are some days when I can’t remember the early days of my little business, and then there are times where those hectic “early days” feel like yesterday. Today is one of those days where the start of everything “Courtney Abernathy Photography” feels like yesterday. I’ve spent time cleaning out my computer and looking back at past work and I truly cannot believe that its been years since I took certain photos.

My shooting styles and lens preferences have changed over the years, yet I can still see the same patterns with my images. Capturing REAL beauty. I don’t mean only photographing really pretty people. Nope,  I mean capturing the REAL feelings that make them feel and look pretty! The crazy thing is it differs for everyone. Some people find that their silly side is the most beautiful, and some find their serious side the most accurate representation of how they portray beauty!

I used to wonder if when I tried to capture the true beauty in someone I was taking the easy way out. I have friends who capture the messy and imperfect bits of their clients lives’ like a beautiful documentary, but I always struggled with “just” capturing the pretty and joyful things. I mean when you work with (mostly) gorgeous seniors, adorably love-struck couples and amazing brides pretty really is the majority of my work! So I’d wonder if my job was just clicking the button?
Yet, I realized that I was never just telling a client to smile at me for a photo and leaving it at that. There was always more to it, and after looking through photos today from the start I finally got some validation that it’s really not easy to take photos of ANYONE. No matter how flawless someone may be or how in shape they are, we all have insecurities. While someone may be confident in their selfies, its still a struggle to get comfortable in front of a camera. You have to trust that the person capturing will find those little things you hate and help you avoid highlighting them.

My way to make clients trust me is to basically talk a lot to them so we can leave feeling like friends! I’m totally socially awkward in new situations. It’s why I can blog here, and say a few words in person haha! At sessions I have to FIGHT that introvert default and create such an immense amount of conversation with my clients so that they feel like I’m not JUST a photographer. I also like to make super dumb jokes to make my clients laugh! I just love to compare the shots from the start to the end too. People are able to go from pulling out a generic smile to rocking their TRUE beauty with laughs, smiles, a ‘smize’, and the mysterious, serious look!

Side Note: If you are an awkward + introverted photographer (like me) I’ll give you a few tips HERE to overcome this big task!


So maybe you’re reading this and you are like, “I want a photo where I’m rocking more than my “default selfie” smile for my iPhone camera!” Well, you are in luck! I will be devoting a few days this month and the next to studio mini sessions for adults! All the backgrounds I’ve shared in this post will be available to you!! You can use this time for professional head-shots for your corporate job AND a genuine shot for your personal profile, or just a bunch of fun photos of yourself!

If you would like some information about these sessions shoot an email over to
Also, I’m not doing boudoir sessions for Valentine’s this year, however if you are looking for that option you NEED to contact Erin at Lutz Photography before February 8th!

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