Her Failure Is Not My Success | Coffee with Courtney

This hashtag is popular right now and I am ALL about it. In the face of of someone else’s success it’s great to be reassured that this doesn’t mean you’ve failed!!!

However, when using this hashtag there was something else I needed to realize too..

“Her failure is not my success..”

You see I think it’s sometimes a little easier than we think to come back from our own failures. When we’ve been humbled and arrived at our lowest point, we are faced with the reality that up is the only way to go. The road back up is a hard journey, but it’s worthwhile, and sometimes even fun to make.

Yet, when things are really going our way and everything is just right for us, THOSE are the times it’s often hard to check-in and see just how prideful and dependent on others’ value we’ve let ourselves get.

There are multiple examples of this in the photography industry. One being when you get a new client, who used to go somewhere else. Sometimes we want to smugly wear that badge that says “I must be better because xx’s client is mine now” vs. (humbly) giving our work a little more credit and saying, “this person loved my style and graciously chose to work with me.”

When we begin to compare, the spirit of competition sneaks in and says “I should be proud because someone else must’ve failed and now I get to look better”. However, when we stop looking at other’s successes AND failures as a yardstick to measure our own growth.. we can humble ourselves and be thankful by thinking, “I should feel accomplished and honored because a client chose to work with me, and I’ve worked hard for it.”

I really think that running a business is one big trap of believing that you need to always look outward, instead of inward. We think we constantly need to have an eye on how others are doing and how the world perceives us… and I mean you obviously need to do those things on a certain level in business, but it should never effect the value you place on your own hard work.

In 2017, I’ve chosen to walk this creative path a little differently by worrying less about where I place in the world, and more about how I’m impacting the people I get the privilege to work with. I’m also remembering that “her success it not my failure” just like “her failure is not my success.” ❤

PS- Late HBD to the cutest little sister ever ❤

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