March 8, 2017


“It’s what’s on the inside that counts.”

We are told that phrase when people want to reason that someone’s character is more valuable than their appearance.

Yet, our material obsession stops short of letting that phrase go deeper. We focus on the newest clothing more than the health of what’s going inside our bodies! 

I mean how you dress your kid today is almost made to be more important than what you fed them yesterday.. Yet, only ONE is really affecting their life in the long term. 

When a hole in jeans or dirt on a shirt are seemingly worse than malnuturition- we absolutely have a problem. 

And I’m SO guilty of this. My kid has nice things, yet his diet is “ehhh”. I mean if we are what we eat than he is a chicken nugget for real, and not the health food store ones either.

I’ve been super convicted lately to do better for my family and myself. I’m going to stop with the excuses that it costs too much to do better or that it’s not fair that we have to pay more to do that. I mean YES, it stinks that healthy food cost more, BUT what we eat is the way more important than other things and there is value in those foods. I am perfectly content with cutting some material things if it means I’ll have a larger budget for our overall health. 

I’m setting realistic goals this time, because the last time I did this, I was more concerned about the progress I made on the scale, than my consistency or just how I felt. However, this time I’m looking for real changes to my appetite and to how I feel. 

The goals I’m setting are long term and include elements of emotion, not just vanity because if my only concern is how I look one summer it will be easy to reason myself away from that goal when it’s hard by telling myself “it doesn’t matter what people think.”

For example: My short term goal would have been to look good in Summer 2017 or be this size… even if that meant I felt bad or did it for the wrong reasons- this empty goal would be easy to abandon for the reasons stated above. However, my long term goal is to hopefully still be here and feel good in Summer 2037… There are a lot of emotions connected to wanting to live a long life with my family, emotions that that make me want to continue with this goal for life, not just one year. I used to measure my personal progress by weight loss and sizing down ONLY. Now I am first measuring progress based on what I eat and my activity levels, and commiting to making a (cliche sounding) lifestyle change!

So today, I’m searching Pinterest for “playground workouts” that I can do while Tristan plays in our backyard, and simple healthy recipes that don’t require me to buy a million things right at the start. I also plan on diving in while still a little sickly so I HAVE NO EXCUSES not to continue this when I’m feeling better 😂

I’m documenting this journey on IG with the hashtag #abernathywellness starting today ❤Oh, and if you need a virtual accountability partner let me know 😂

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