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April 6, 2017

Wellness Journey Update + Tips | #AbernathyWellness

So we are on a wellness journey, but we still eat Chick-fil-A sometimes.
^ Someone put this on a shirt for me ASAP.

It’s been great so far. I can tell I’m making real changes. Sure we indulge on the bad sometimes, but it’s not as bad as it was. Here are some tips to remember that have really helped me so far:

1. Pick One, Exercise or Your Diet, and tackle it hard… FIRST.
I picked our diet 🙂

I’m not telling you to like lay on the couch forever, eating kale. Look that just won’t cut it. It’s both, BUT if you are like me when you throw yourself obsessively into both things they both get compromised easily. When I suddenly change my diet and stop eating what I used to it’s REAL hard to keep up the exercising, and then I manage to ruin the progress I’ve made with both things because I get so burnt out.

Everyday I have to tell myself this is a life-long wellness journey and change. Not just for the summer, not just for next year. For the long term. Once my body is out of “shock” from cutting everything I used to live on I will incorporate exercise more. For now, we have been riding bikes and doing things that don’t really feel like exercise!

2. Vitamins are important.
I’ve added more supplements into my life that I have ever taken before. (Even making my own helpful gummies for Tristan…. and me haha!)
Our bodies usually are not getting what we need from the food we eat, healthy or not! Talk to your doctor and add in the things you are lacking. Everyone is different and there is no “one size fits all” fix!

3. Keep it Simple.
Foods that are good for you don’t have a million ingredients in them, that is why they are good. 😉 Soooo I’m not going to scrap a recipe if I don’t a random tsp of a spice.. Experience has told me it’ll be alright without it! I also won’t pick things that will take too many ingredients to keep it easy.
For example, our breakfast’s are really simple and either scrambled eggs (with salsa for me), oatmeal for T or Yogurt -cinnamon for T and strawberries for me.

4. Keep a diary.
Visual is best for me!
I made a private Facebook group for recipes for our family meals, my lunches, Tristan’s “lunchables”, products we love, our garden stuff, etc.. I am keeping everything there so I can look back and see progress and find recipes again easily!


5. Start a garden!
Worried about how you are going to pay for so much healthy? Don’t!
1. Make it a priority. (If you can afford to put premium gas in your car because it needs it, then you can make changes and do the same for your own body’s fuel.)
2. Grow the things you use! For us that is green peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, and much more.



6. Realize you are just becoming a hippie, for real.

As I started this journey I realize that I am starting to change more than just my diet and activity level. From the products I use on my face to what we dry our sheets with….. and even the fact that I just moved our microwave off the counter so I wouldn’t be tempted to make anything quick hahaha. (Hey, this ALSO makes me finish my coffee quicker AND gave me more room for my instant pot and oils!)
Basically, I’m done with quick fixes and toxic stuff all around! When something unhealthy runs out, from food to lotion, I’m replacing it with a better alternative!You can download the Think Dirty app and you can scan your home for the bad stuff too!


7. Measure your success by what REALLY matters!
I’m measuring this by what I crave, what I eat, how much water I drink, how I feel, my happiness level, and a million more ways before I look at the scale <3  You should do the same!


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