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This is story of how I went from skeptic to believer with Young Living! And I’m going to tell you this story without a member number or a referral link attached 😉

I went for years thinking people were being “duped” by buying from a MLM. I mean I like MLMs and think it’s better to buy from them and support someone local than say Walmart, BUT I don’t need it shoved way down my throat all the time. I mean I can remember what someone is selling and I can absolutely research it myself…

You feel me?

I also have a checklist of the things I can’t handle if I’m going to consider a product:

1. false or insensitive claims (Comments such as… “oh you have cancer, depression, infertility issues…?  Well this product I just started to sell can probably help.” It really hurts my heart when others stop seeing people as people and just see them as potential buyers.)

2. a recycled storied copied from the upline-  I just want to know how something is helping YOU!

3. being added to a sales group without my permission- if you are sharing wisdom outside of what you are selling I probably want in! However if it’s only for sales let me decide for myself if I want to message you about it or join the group.

4. constantly tearing down the competition – I like companies that can stand on their own. As a photographer I know that my business will not thrive if my sales pitch is how bad someone else is. Nope, clients want to hear the positives about myself and what I can give them!

AND (as a photographer)

5. before/after photos that are clearly deceptive to make a product look better. I really don’t like when people stand up straighter than they were in the before picture, or when they fix the white balance in a photo to show of tanner skin or a whiter smile.

The one thing I DO need? THE TRUTH.

I had been into oils for a while, but recently had an “off” experience with the company I primarily used for years. (Boo!) One day after that, I was looking for natural answer to a medical problem, another oil company, and let’s be honest a good deal + another diffuser, when I ran across a post about someone’s journey with Young Living online… I read it and I was hooked on the certain aspect of healing this person had found with oils/supplements.

It absolutely related to what I wanted to experience in my own life, and it was shared sincerely from their heart. There were no “get it now ONLY” sales involved, no flashy “buy now” graphics, no deceptive photos, or pushy messages.

Just good, solid advice from another mama.

After I read that story, I waited for about a month to actually message them because I really wanted to research and make sure this was actually a good deal 😂

In the meantime, I was also looking for others outside of that person to tell/show me that, “This is working for my family. You should at least try it and see if it helps you.”

I actually got that wish answered shortly too.

Just a few days later, I had honest people showing me and telling me the ways they had benefited from certain products (Young Living and other natural non-YL brands) and their suggestions for me.. They shared all this advice, and weren’t only focused on things their company sold. Even though they knew (upfront) that I didn’t plan to order from them at all… Or from their upline, downline or in between line haha.

Still those real success stories from people who were literally NEVER going to make a dime off me were amazing for a #communityovercompetition believer like me. So I thought “okay… if they really are that into it without any incentive, then it must be alright”, and I bought a Starter kit…

From there, I began to fall in love with the different oils in the kit and NingXia too! I initially didn’t think I would want a kit, but found out that it was the best way to buy to try the oils I was interested in vs. buying separately, so I of course caved haha.
Just some of the meaningful victories from the kit oils we found are:

Tristan uses (and specifically asks for) Lavendar at night and for boo-boos.

I can use Purification in all our stinky shoes or that lunchbox I forgot to clean out and refresh without that overbearing “air freshener-like” smell (TMI) 😂

PanAway was my go to for pain! Why was? Because I used it all haha!

I added Frankincense in my toner to clean my face real, real good.

Peppermint and Lemon have helped me feel fuller longer.

I use Thieves for cleaning and getting germs gone. Instead of mainstream brand that isn’t really “green”. Making my own cleaner is so much cheaper too.

Kyle (MAJOR SKEPTIC ALERT) used DiGize on our vacation to get rid of a stomach ache pretty quickly. Now, we haven’t used it very often, but I tried this too one day and it was weird how it actually helped.. 😳 If I’m being honest I’m still a little skeptical, but keeping my mind open because I’m always getting stomach aches ha! (Maybe I’ll update this one day haha)

And Stress Away just because 😆

I also stocked up on NingXia (a yummy drink) and it’s my new “good for you” treat each day too! In gummy or drink form 😉

Now, like anything in this world I know these aren’t some magic fix pills.. Even if you throw them in a veggie capsule haha.

I mean you’ve probably seen on here that this is not just an oily journey for me, but a complete wellness journey. So aside from the ones for cleaning, stress and sleep, I know I’ve had to make changes to my diet which has helped my body too..

However, I know my body. I can tell you that I was on Phentermine 🙄 for several months once to curb my appetite/lose weight (that I gained all right back) and ever since then when I try to eat better I end up craving everything bad and binging about 4 days into it. That cycle has completely sucked, and made my thyroid levels bounce up and down. As much as I would love to lose weight, I never want to go on that medicine again…

So this time (with guidance) I chose to take certain oils in a capsule form and I have had very little desire to binge and wayyyyyy less bad cravings.

Now I will admit, I don’t have this super amazing energy yet and I’m better not all of the sudden. I know that my body is adjusting, it takes time, and oils are not the ONLY answer to wellness (hello water intake, vitamins, food, activity level, etc.)… but I can say that it has been awesome to have a smaller appetite and an oil made especially for stress on my roughest days. 😂

So yep, I went from half-heartedly believing in oils to really believing in them and reaching for the natural alternatives first again! We are slowly going back to making our own lotions, face washes, bug and linen sprays and much more. All because a few people were willing to sincerely tell me the truth about whole wellness and not treat me like another number or potential distributor ❤
So why did I post this?

Well, I’m not looking for false advertising or a quick sale… just a chance to share my current story of #OILSforthewin ❤ I also want to encourage to you talk to several people you trust about using essential oils too (and don’t wait years like me haha). People on your timeline, your doctor, or in your Facebook wellness groups.

And yes you can obviously talk to me too. I’m not an expert yet or veteran or anything yet. I’m just learning as I go. This method consists of constant searches for answers in my oilers discussion group, and doing the best I can with our whole wellness journey (while smelling the best I can haha) 😂

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