Wedding Advice + a FREE Guide!

At the start of 2017, one of my goals was to serve ALL people better. I quickly wrote out a list of how I could do that in my business, but something stuck out. I wrote out “wedding advice” and those two words became this huge project for me.

What does “wedding advice” mean to me? Basically, I wanted my blog to be more than a place where I can display my images. I want it to be a resource for those who have just started with the wedding planning process and find themselves on my site at 2am, or my own couples who want even more advice than what is in our 70+ page Bridal Guide!

It has been important to me to make this shift in my business.. and to start that off I’ve made a FREE guide to share! This guide will walk you through the details of getting ready for your engagement session. I start by breaking down what you should be doing 1-2 months prior to your engagement session, and end with what to prep the day of your session! It mostly includes the quick tips that people tend to overlook in the days leading up to their session.

The best part????

This free resource is for everyone! My clients, couples who aren’t my clients, and even photographers who want to know how to better prepare their own clients!

Wondering how to get it??
CLICK HERE (or on the image below) and you’ll receive your guide once you confirm your email address!

Thank you <3

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