Siobhan & Nic | Market on Main Hickory, NC Wedding

Yesterday’s wedding was such a beautiful celebration!! Kelly and I arrived only really knowing the beautiful bride, Siobhan, but left feeling like we were friends with everyone there! Sending a big thank you to Nic, Siobhan, their families, and friends for such a wonderful day!


At the start of the wedding day I met the girls at the Peacock Inn where Amanda was finishing up Siobhan’s lovely hair. I quickly stole all the details and hurried around the Inn to capture those!


2016-11-13_0009 2016-11-13_0006 2016-11-13_0012 2016-11-13_0010 2016-11-13_0011

Love the girl’s robes!!

2016-11-13_0014 2016-11-13_0013

Amanda did such a fabulous job!


After they were ready we went on a hunt for peacocks!! We found pigs, goats, chickens, peacocks, a cat….


and we also “found” this guy who talks to goats! 😛


2016-11-13_00182016-11-13_0027 2016-11-13_0028 2016-11-13_0061

At Market on Main these guys were busy getting ready and they looked seriously sharp… and that’s the only thing “serious” about this group haha!



2016-11-13_0033 2016-11-13_0031

Nic is just so loved by his guys, and I guess he is happy about that? Haha!


Here is sweetest flower girl getting ready to go in! Love her staying warm in that big coat!


Okay… Please PAUSE your scrolling real quick and check out the fact that Siobhan MADE these paper bouquets. They were featured throughout her day and even on the cake! #CrafterGoals

2016-11-13_0038 2016-11-13_0021 2016-11-13_0030 2016-11-13_0063 2016-11-13_0029 2016-11-13_0078

This crew rocked… it was freezing and they were the BEST sports about all the crazy things we asked them to do!

2016-11-13_0035 2016-11-13_0064

I feel like I need to remind you… She MADE these flowers and bouquets. GAH!

2016-11-13_0066 2016-11-13_0004 2016-11-13_0074 2016-11-13_0037 2016-11-13_0072

Even the guys loved the bouquets!! #CantStopObsessing

2016-11-13_0075 2016-11-13_0062 2016-11-13_0073 2016-11-13_0076 2016-11-13_0036 2016-11-13_0071

Teresa, Shannon and Allie, you guys were beautiful inside AND out!

2016-11-13_0065 2016-11-13_0069

Nic and Siobhan, you guys are adorable!

2016-11-13_0068 2016-11-13_0070

I’m so in love with ANYTHING I see (and eat) from Kendra’s Bakery Creations! This cake and cupcakes were NO exception!

2016-11-13_0025 2016-11-13_0019 2016-11-13_0026

Yes… The bride made those beautiful pink flowers too!


2016-11-13_0044 2016-11-13_0039

I need to brag on Kelly… look at these two dancing photos below!!! Amazing!

2016-11-13_0045 2016-11-13_0040 2016-11-13_0046

See? Kendra’s Cakes are SO good even the flowers girl is begging for a bite!!

2016-11-13_0042 2016-11-13_0043 2016-11-13_0056 2016-11-13_0047 2016-11-13_0048

Shannon and Bobby, watching you both on the dancefloor I knew you guys were perfect for eachother haha!

2016-11-13_0050 2016-11-13_0049

Siobhan’s got moves!!!

Check out the monograms on these shaws the girls wore during the wedding!!

2016-11-13_0052 2016-11-13_0077 2016-11-13_0057 2016-11-13_0055 2016-11-13_0053 2016-11-13_0054 2016-11-13_0058

Sparkler action!

Kelly and I loved working with this whole amazing group! Thank you all again for being so fabulous!

Girl’s Prep Venue: The Peacock Inn
Wedding & Reception Venue: Market on Main
Hair by: Amanda Price from Pampered Salon
Flowers: Made by the wonderful Bride, Siobhan Heavener!
Cake/Cupcakes: Kendra’s Bakery Creations

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