April 30, 2017


I’ve been so quiet on social media lately.

I think it’s mainly because I’m currently in-between two amazing workshops where I’m traveling away from my family for a while. To be honest, I’m just not used to being away from home for this long and travel wears me out.
My mind has also been buzzing around and prepping for the amount of changes coming to my business…

You see unlike most education experiences I didn’t arrive home from this first workshop with a laundry list of products to order that promised to “take my business to the next level”. 

Instead, I left with an action list of things I can change… without even spending a dime.

Don’t get me wrong… these aren’t super easy fixes or anything, but I do think they are monumental. 
So besides being crazy busy in May now I’ve commited to making these impactful changes that can take a successful career turn into a way to really serve people… again. 

And I couldn’t be happier.

You see, when your whole business is basically you, you feel the immense pressure to turn every penny spent back into a profit. You act with scarcity in everything you do because you don’t have the security that a 9-5 job provides. It’s not wrong to want to be profitable, especially when you are providing for your family, BUT it can also leave you feeling bitter most days when you ONLY look at the bottom line. 

In 2015, I felt bitter about my business and I did start treating it like a chore. Even though I was so thankful to be able to use my gift to serve people it really became hard to see it that way as I tried to keep up.

In 2016, I slowly began to transform that mindset, and overall I was happier. 

And now in 2017, I left KJ’s workshop feeling so refreshed and reminded of WHY I started my business to begin with, and I cannot wait to share a new Courtney Abernathy Photography with you. 

Thanks for being apart of this journey 💓

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