Charleston, SC Roadtrip Day One! | #htpalumniretreat

I arrived safely in Charleston yesterday!

This is the first business trip I ever driven to solo so it was a different experience since I’m used to talking to someone about photography the whole time haha. The drive was about 4 hours long so I filled the silence with the top 25 songs from the years 1995-2010.

One of our favorite monthly splurges is Apple Music because I love having access to any song at any moment. When I’m on the road all I have to do is ask Siri for the “top songs from *insert my favorite throwback year here*,” and I have an instant party. ⭐️


When I got here, I was greeted with an amazing Along Came a Box! I’ll show you those goodies later..

After everyone arrived we made our way through the beautiful (and let’s be honest.. confusing) streets of Charleston to Poogan’s Porch.

I had the crab cakes and they were wonderful! Pricey, but great and a business expense haha!

We are settling into Day Two now and I’m so excited to refresh my business with the fabulous Hope Taylor! I cannot wait to share more about this wonderful experience soon ❤

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