I Photoshopped my Bathing Suit…
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So I obviously got you here with that click bait-y title so let me explain. This has been a “girl-power” empowerment trip to get my business back together. Part of that deals with being way more personal online and with all of YOU who choose to read my blog and support my business. (But that’s another post…)

So yesterday, when we took this picture at Folly Beach I knew 2 things…
1) These would be posted online.
2) As a photographer I could manipulate any of my body’s imperfections in photoshop, if I really wanted to.

BUT one of my mottos for this year to be transparent and to love who I am.

So while I DID pull the image into photoshop it wasn’t for the reason you’d think.

Yes, I do struggle with my body. Yes, I miss my size from high school, but at the end of the day I’m okay with who I am. Even with no makeup, frizzy-hair, coffee stained teeth, and big, pale thighs 😂

Those are the BIG insecurities I used to consider editing. I never did because duh, you all know how I look, but I obviously thought about it.

Yet, when I opened this image I knew how important it was that the things like that were left alone… because they are apart of who I am.

HOWEVER, I’m not perfect, and I didn’t want the bright white sunscreen that I got ALL over the bottom of my black bathing suit to show up hahaha! So I quickly wiped that away in photoshop and I’m not even worried about being judged for that 😂

I mean sure I could’ve left it and been and this overachiever of authenticity, but we all struggle with different things at different times. One of my current struggles is that I don’t want the Instagram world to know that I’m a total slob who can’t put heir sunscreen on right 😂 #sueme

So besides the lack of skill to put on sunscreen this is actually who I am and I’m really happy about it.

I hope you will choose to follow along as I get more personal with my brand and talk more about my life. And if you don’t already, I hope you start loving yourself too (imperfections and all) ❤



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