Dana + Graham

I’ve known Dana since middle school. She, her sister, and her sweet mama were some of my very first clients in October 2012, when I was just starting out. (BLESS!) They are all totally gorgeous so of course the session was amazing even though I was a super newbie. Luckily, a few years later they trusted me again in the Fall for family photos for the whole crew, and some shots of Dana’s sister, Julia to celebrate her senior year. Then when Dana had the cutest baby ever Kelly got to photograph Lachlan’s newborn photos, and a finally year later I got to take photos to celebrate his one year birthday!

After all that, it was of course a super big honor to be apart of this HUGE day for Dana and Graham. I knew that this wedding was going to be incredible and it probably helped since I knew and adored half of Dana’s bridesmaids! 

We had such a great time with this great group of family and friends Saturday and wish them all so much happiness!

Now usually, I write all of my blog, but this time I couldn’t help but to include some fun text off of Dana + Graham’s wedding website! Their story is below and their adorable proposal (with a goat) is at the end of the blog!

Their Story

“From having many mutual friends to nerdy math competitions to running into each other at UNC and beyond, Dana and Graham had numerous opportunities to get to know each other as early as the 8th grade but none really developed. Their interest grew as they had more and more encounters and were able to spend more time together. After college is when the relationship started to develop. Graham was working in Durham and Dana in Charlotte; however, they both enjoyed a night out here and there in Hickory. It was over Christmas break 2013 when they both subtly expressed their interest in each other. A Graham “Happy Birthday” message to Dana a little later opened up the communication, and it blossomed thereafter. Graham moved back to Hickory to enjoy the summer before starting medical school. It was during this time they had their first date, joining Graham’s college friend, Kevin and his wife Becca at a Charlotte Knights game with drinks afterwards. From there came multiple date nights, attending events together, and trips to Asheville, Charleston, Washington D.C., all the while developing and strengthening their love for one another.”

The Incredible Vendors
Wedding Dress Designer: Allure | Purchased at The Formal Showcase
Florist: Dream Catchers Flowers & Event
Wedding Planner: Debby Mullins with Dream Catchers Flowers & Events
Ceremony Venue: Grace Chapel at Lenoir Rhyne University
Reception Venue: 74 South Events at Moretz Mills
DJ: Ryan Rudisill
Catering: Liazzo’s
Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal
Invitation: Minted
Hair: Abby B. Sigmon from Hair Concepts
Makeup: Monica from Kelly & Company 

Veil: Reverence Veils

This cutie was the only boy allowed to change in the girls room with no complaints haha 😉 Love this message in Dana’s dad’s tie! So sweet!These ladies couldn’t help but stare at Lachlan!Julia sang amazingly! So so so incredible!!Wedding is over which means the flowers can come off right? HA!

The florals were incredible! Dana used the same amazing florist that we used for our booth at the bridal show last year. Debby does not disappoint!Aren’t they adorable?!
We went back to our car and drove by to see Dana left on the side of the street with a suitcase… She made it to the reception though hahaha!As a sister to one as well, I love moments like this during Julia’s toast to Dana!Little cupcake thief!These guys had to dance too!!Photobooth
Love Christian’s face (above) when Chase caught the garter hahaha! #shesready
Lachlan is just adorable <3Fun sparkler send off!

The (Cutest) Proposal

“Graham suggested to Dana in late August that they go away for a weekend. He made arrangements to stay at a “bunk house” on a farm in Ashe County, NC in early September 2016. At this point in their relationship Dana was hoping for an eventual proposal. However, she was almost 100% sure it would not happen during this trip due to its spontaneity. She even told one of her friends while packing that she “KNEW he did not have a ring yet and that it would DEFINITELY not happen this weekend.” After hiking a local mountain top and exploring the farm, Graham suggested they climb to the top of the ridge by their bunk house to watch the sunset. Although the romance factor would be a bit limited since Lachlan (their son) was accompanying them, Dana still thought it was a sweet idea. As they prepared to ascend the ridge, Graham packed a bag. Dana thought this was a bit odd considering they were not going very far. Still, she brushed off the thought that Graham might be planning a surprise. They drove halfway up and walked the other half. It was extremely steep and Dana cursed Graham under her breath for making them climb at what felt like a 90 degree angle. Once they made it to the top, they threw down a blanket and sat down to watch the sunset. It really was a beautiful view! They had not been there long when a herd of goats approached them. It was funny at first and most of the goats moved on quickly. However, one old billy goat lingered right in front of Dana and Graham much longer than Graham wanted. Graham was visibly stressed out by this goat’s presence, so Dana suggested they just go back down the ridge to eat before it became dark. Graham agreed and reached for his backpack. Dana thought he was starting to pack up, but instead, he pulled out a ring and asked Dana to marry him. With Lachlan (and the goat) there to share the special moment, Dana of course said yes!”

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