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October 10, 2017

Photography Purchases | Top 5 Questions

It’s that time of the year!! My friends are looking at ways to better capture their holiday events and asking my advice on all things photography… and I LOVE IT! I’m a DIY and budget-baller at heart, who researches things to death before shopping so I seriously love to chat about this topic and help other get the most bang for their buck!

I have narrowed down the top 5 questions I’ve received over the years into this blog and hope this can help you if you are looking into a new camera or lens as the holidays approach!

Please Note: While I have shared links below NONE of them are affiliate links. I’m reccomending these stores and products based off of their excellence only 💕

1. What kind of camera do you recommend?

I’m a Nikon girl, but I’m not a super loyal person to a specific brand either. It’s what I started with in the beginning and continued to buy. There are some fabulous Canon cameras and lenses out there, and in fact a lot of my favorite mentors use Canon!

My best advice is to head to a store like Best Buy and hold the cameras you are interested in in your hands. Take note of where buttons and dials are on each and choose one that fits you best!

Nikon: The D3400

Canon: The Rebel

You can also find older model of these cameras/kits as well!

2. Where do you suggest buying from?

I love Adorama + B&H Photo for my photography gear!

Other stores like Amazon, Sam’s Club, Best Buy, etc. are great as well, especially around the holidays when they have deals! My advice is to wait until Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals are posted if you can!

3. Do you recommend ever buying refurbished or used gear?

I absolutely do! In fact a lot of my gear is refurbished or used and that’s one of my “budget business secrets” that I’m planning to share all about. I only use Adorama + B&H for these purchases because they have a trusted rating system and they are super conservative when rating used gear!

4. What lenses do you think are best to start with outside of the kit lens?

I think grabbing a 35mm or 50mm prime lens is a great place to start! You can find affordable versions of these lenses and don’t need to buy the highest quality glass to get a great image! A 35mm 1.8 or 50mm 1.8 is going to give you amazing results, especially if you are still only using kit lenses!

Nikon Recommendations: The 35mm & The 50mm

Canon Recommendations: The 40mm & The 50mm

5. What editing software do you reccomend?

I personally love Lightroom for my images, both personally and professionally. I think it’s a valuable tool, and while it’s not free it has great options for not only editing images but filing them as well! There are free options online as well such as PicMonkey and Pixlr, but I feel that Lightroom is overall the best choice if you want a routine and the ability to edit all your photos consistently!

Do you have another question about photography purchases? Feel free to comment it below or email it and I’ll try to get you an answer ASAP 🙂
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