October 11, 2017

I’m a Grinch..

I’m a grinch.
And I really realized it this summer. 

Why did I realize this? Well I began to receive questions about Christmas Minis and when I thought about them all I could think about was much I HATED Christmas Minis. 😂

I mean I can handle studio ones or some shots for your card during a regular session, but you know those AMAZING, dreamy looks outside on a big styled set made for families? Yeah they are a big NO for me.

I just don’t thrive on it or excel at it, but this will actually be the first year that I’m not doing them or even seriously considering  it. 

Yet, I did feel this glimmer of wanting to do them.. When talented people like, Terra Bailey, began announcing their amazing sessions I was a little bitter at first in all honesty, because so many people were excited and I wanted to make my own clients excited too, but again even the thought of them did not give me peace. 

Understanding this was my message from God to be content in the direction of my own business, almost as if he asked “If you did Christmas Minis would you feel joy and would you be serving those clients and your family well?” And when I realized my answer was “No and No.” I understood that doing certain sessions may work for other people.. and they do it amazingly, but it’s also okay if I don’t even attempt to do them– He still has a plan for me!” 

It gave me such peace to understand that. I felt excitement in my business for other projects, and I felt joy for someone else’s too.

At the end of the day, I just want more business owners and women to FEEL that way too. If they are like me they may see it as giving up if they don’t try to do what someone else does successfully or try to “keep up”, but following God’s plan has given me such freedom this year to see how I can thrive with my own talents and others can thrive with theirs! 

We truly weren’t meant to play the keep up game with the world. We were meant to thrive on our own talents to glorify God! 


So if you are looking for someone doing Christmas Minis for kids and families I would be delighted to refer you! And I’m excited for the other styled projects (that are my style) I have the opportunity to work on because I realized my own strengths and weaknesses!

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