E-Mail Is Where It’s At
Why Email is the Best Way to Communicate

Something I’ve learned over the years from being in business is that people are comfortable on social media. Sometimes way too comfy…


Recently, I talked to a photographer about a tough situation where her client just wasn’t interacting with my friend professionally. The client was upset about something seemingly minor, but they were letting their emotions affect the way they spoke to my friend. A message here, and a message there, was really a jab here and a jab there. All on Facebook. In the midst of happily scrolling through her feed or chatting with friends in messenger, BAM. A foul ball in the form of a slightly rude message.
This is a problem for a lot of business owners, and it was a problem for me too at one point.
I would be out with my family and get a notification from Facebook about something that would make my heart skip a beat. It didn’t have to be anything big either. Just a “hey I noticed this photo wasn’t in the gallery and….” What usually happens is we see that first line pop up and we HAVE to open the message. After that my client can see that I’ve read it, and now I feel like I have to respond almost immediately.


But this isn’t a productive way to run a professional business. You cannot be expected to be all business 24/7, trust me. It will wear you down.


In my experience people respond to emails very differently than they do Facebook messages or texts.
They think about the content of the message way more in advance which can help you avoid hard situations where they are just talking with emotions (possibly rapid fire) and not being practical.


We talked about this at Creative at Heart and I think Abby Grace made this point, but even our grandmas have email, and so do high school kids. For a digital communication platform it is sincerely the most wide ranging among everyday people.


So when people say that they don’t like emails or that it is too hard I can’t imagine why anymore. Gmail makes email amazing, and even if you have your own domain you can use gmail to work through too. Look into GSuite here, to do that!


The great thing about email is that it also gives me that ability to truly separate the business of Courtney Abernathy Photography and the person, Courtney Abernathy. Facebook/texts can be for friends and homeschool needs and email can be for business!


Maybe you aren’t convinced yet though… If you want a bigger push stay tuned next week when I give you ALL the little tips I discovered this month to making email work for you, not against you! I’ll also wanted to share a 50% code for the system that has been the MOST valuable for me to streamlining my work life with emails– Honeybook!! They are giving me a limited time offer of 50% to share with all my friends and connections when you sign up here. No pressure, but I do suggest locking in the discount and doing a free trial if you don’t have a Client Management Platform in place!

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