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November 21, 2017

Black Friday Sale | Intro to Photography Workshop
Create + Understand 2.0

I know your feed is probably FULL of Black Friday ads so I’m going to keep this short and sweet-as-pumpkin-pie with TWO facts you NEED to know!

1) I’m offering Black Friday Sale on my Intro to Photography Workshop!!
2) It is the currently at the LOWEST PRICE it will ever be because these pregnancy hormones have me wanting ALL my friends to be able to capture their lives well AND make great use of the expensive camera they have!

This “crash course” style class is one of my favorite things to do!! However, it’s embarrassing to admit that I didn’t always take decent photos…

Just look below. THESE are what I thought was fun “lifestyle” photos (that I was super proud of around March 2012) should look like…

I thought I was AMAZING out here with my fancy (and heavy) DSLR, but y’all… I could’ve done this with a cell phone!! *hides head in shame*

Now… let’s fast forward just about a month (and several LATE nights studying and practicing on stuffed animals) later and see what a few FUN lifestyle photos looked liked…

It’s crazy the difference a few weeks of hardcore studying can make in the way I captured my personal life!!

Now obviously, these images AREN’T perfect! My shooting and editing has progressed in the last 5 years, but to see such a crazy difference from Late March 2012 to Late April/Early May BLOWS my mind each and every time!

If you desire this type of rapid change in the way you are capturing your life I would LOVE for you to join me at my next in person workshop! As I said, it is currently on sale until THIS Saturday at 50% off, for JUST $99 + fees. Please note, I will be having a Cyber Monday and Christmas Sale, but the prices for those will still be higher ($125+fees and $175+fees).

You can click HERE to get ALL the details + reserve your spot or email me with ANY questions you have!

Oh and PS- maybe you are reading this and completely understand the basics of photography! YAY YOU!
However, maybe you need an extra push as your start or continue your professional photography business…

Well lucky you…

You can take 20% OFF all my mentoring services listed here when you book a private mentoring session by Saturday, November 25th!!

Simply email me letting me know which mentoring opportunity you are purchasing and I will set that up for you 🙂


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