Life Update, New Vlogs, and more!
It's almost time....

It’s been a while…

And I honestly meant to write those words weeks ago, so now it’s really been a while, but I really wanted to update you on my life as 2017 winds down and we head into the holiday season!

Personal Life Updates:

I.AM.NESTING… but we are still getting ready!
The due date for our baby is still 01/02/2018, but I’m getting more nervous that it will happen at Christmas lol!
The furniture and big items are put together, but that doesn’t mean the walls are actually painted or decorated yet haha. We are getting there though and just finished deep cleaning the carpets one more time before she arrives!

I’m turning 26 this Saturday and I am not okay with it hahaha. This means I’m going to be in my LATE twenties and I don’t think I can handle that kind of responsibility. Although, the word “late” does fit me better.

Business Updates:
I just finished my last job of the year and it just so happened that it was one of my favorite things to do in this business, mentor another photographer!! You can view the blog post for that soon, OR watch a one minute recap of it in the Vlog below.

I’m excited about the upcoming weddings we have and looking forward to meeting with a few more couples to get them on our calendar for the year <3

I’m also so ready for the photography workshops I’m teaching this February and March!! Get more info here 🙂

Oh yeah, and I’ve been vlogging a little.. Not like youtube millionaire level, but enough to give those who aren’t blog readers (or don’t have the time) a look at my life! We hope to make it a weekly/bi-weekly thing!

We also had our baby shower this past weekend during all the snow and Kelly was nice enough to take maternity photos of us beforehand and they ARE AMAZING! I love them SO SO much!!

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