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January 1, 2018

Blakely Claire
7lbs and 2oz of Total Sweetness

This is a jumbled blog filled with stories relating to the arrival of our sweet baby girl <3
I stole most all of the photos from my mom’s cellphone and Kelly Harmon because I’m not that together yet haha 🙂

It’s happening..

Over and over I repeated two things throughout this pregnancy.
“I want Tristan to have one last Christmas with us.”
And “I would like a clear sign to know to go to the hospital.”
So let me tell you something I quickly learned this week. Don’t ask for things you aren’t prepared for and also don’t make it a point to say how much you think you want something because you are probably asking for the opposite to happen 😂
I did get my clear sign at around 5:15am on Christmas Eve. My water broke and my contractions intensified.
I had been having contractions the day before that were pretty regular but they weren’t bad. With Tristan I had contractions that I thought were just Braxton Hicks… Luckily I had a well-timed doctors appointment and I found out those weren’t BH and I was already 5cm dilated. We made our way leisurely to this hospital where I was then 7cm, and still not in much pain.. After that it didn’t take much time before he made his arrival!
So that’s WHY I wanted a clear sign. Everyone says to wait until you can’t talk through your contractions to go, but I really felt like with Tristan if we would’ve waited until I could talk through them, I would’ve had him at home or in the car- lol!
So a CLEAR sign was great at first… but the downside to this sign was that I lost my “cushion”. My pain level rose fairly quickly, so I assumed I must be so much further along than I was. Nope. I was only 1-2cm. Ow.
I labored for a little while longer in the tub and on the bed, still in a fairly great amount of pain, and only got to 3cm. At that point I broke down and asked for medicine because I just couldn’t take it. This helped me so much. I could relax, and after a while I was finally to 10cm!

Blakey is Here!

During the last push my eyes were closed and I was busy thinking “YOUCANDOTHIS!” and probably mumbling that aloud too. I was in shock when I felt a little pressure on my chest and opened my eyes and realized there was a baby on me. She was a little purple at first and the few short seconds can feel like minutes when you are just waiting to hear a cry. After she cried, I studied her, my nurses and my midwives’ faces making sure everything was okay. It was, and she was perfect.

Kyle kept joking about not getting to count her fingers and toes in a typical “lame dad joke” form.. but I knew none of that mattered to him. He was completely in love with this baby from the first positive pregnancy test, and so was I!

We are so thankful for our sweet girl! No words will ever be able to describe how amazing this journey of becoming parents of two has been!

Random Funny Story!

**I need to preface this next part**
The days leading up to delivery I had a conversation about how if my child or family member ever needed medical assistance that was illegal in our state I would drop everything and move so they could get legal access to this type of alternative care, if you catch my drift. Kyle’s family has been greatly impacted by cancer so I was speaking about seizures, cancer, Parkinsons, and the natural ways to treat those horrible illnesses.
So the funniest thing I asked Kyle while under the influence of the IV medicine during labor (and after finally getting relaxed since being in so much pain) was… “Do you think this what weed actually feels like? Because I seriously understand why people would go to jail for this.” LOL.
Now, I promise I’m not using, and I didn’t develop a habit after delivery (or before obviously). I also promise Kyle didn’t have the answer for me, but he does like telling people how loopy I was for a minute after finding relief haha!

Our Christmas Day

When we went into labor, I was seriously concerned about Tristan’s Christmas morning. In our house, Santa doesn’t do any big gifts. He sticks to a few random small things, last minute gifts that are asked for on the 21st and can be “Amazon Primed” to arrive the 23rd (to keep the magic alive) and stockings, and we do the big stuff. I was worried Tristan would be upset or annoyed he had to wait for the other gifts, but he did great! Santa visited him at my parent’s house and we got to watch him on Facetime!

Our First Night

We left escaped the hospital on the afternoon of Christmas day. My blood pressure stayed high in the hospital, but it wasn’t high enough to keep me past 24 hours so we were cleared. We celebrated Christmas breakfast that night with my family who graciously moved their plans to allow us to come and still loves me even though I took a long nap after eating and presents! When we got home I was wound up. I was having spasms from my epidural site into my neck, had a headache and was just on edge.

I called the hospital concerned and hoping I could talk to a nurse, and they informed me I could chat with the midwife on-call. What I didn’t realize is that the midwife on-call doesn’t have to be there and she will be at home asleep. However, she will take the time to graciously listen to your symptoms, reassure you, and calm you down. I was super thankful for that!

Since then, Blakely has been doing great with waking every 2-3 hours and sleeping until then. We are seriously blessed!!

Follow Up Appointments!

Blakely was 7lbs 2oz at birth and at her 3 day checkup was down to 6lbs 7oz. On Friday, she had gained back 4 oz! YAY! This is a complete 180 from how Tristan’s weight story went and we struggled with that so I am so thankful!
My midwife also scheduled an appointment for me and we went there after Blakely’s appointment (and a salty lunch– which probably wasn’t smart). My blood pressure is still high and I have been put on medication to help it. It’s hard for me to grasp because I feel fine now and sometimes I feel like I could run a marathon lol, but I apparently need to rest. I have a follow up appointment tomorrow to check it again, so if you are the praying type please pray that baby girl’s weight will continue to increase and my milk supply will be sufficient, AND that my blood pressure will regulate over the next few weeks as my body gets used to being not pregnant.

The Future of Courtney Abernathy Photography

And finally, 2018 business plans for me..Blakely made her entrance early!!! It threw off some plans for sales, blog posts, vlogs, and other things so I’m rolling those out in January. However, I’m prioritizing my time first to rest, homeschool, nursing, and our family. I still plan to work on educational posts, blogs, vlogs and take time to continue my own education because this is my passion, but I won’t be shooting as much (other than personal things) until February.

I’m not quitting though..<3

My word for 2018 is intentional. I want to be intentional in all I do and all those that I get to serve.
More than ever, each portrait session or wedding we book for 2018 and 2019 is so much more than a job to me
or something to show off in a portfolio.. They are events where I get to share love, joy and happiness with super special couples and people. If you are looking for a wedding photographer for 2018 or 2019 I would love to chat soon while your date may still be available!

Thank you for reading and following along with our crazy journey in 2017! We hope to be able to share many more in 2018 🙂

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