Fear in Business
Overcoming What's Holding You Back

In 2016, as I continued to advance on my path of promoting community, I really desired to be that photographer that always refers people out and shares about other photographer’s opportunities, even with their own clients and market. Most of my favorite mentors do this and yet, two years ago I would still try to put that off and really thought the time to do that would come after I was “more secure” in business…

Photo by: Brittany Coyle Photography

However, my definition of security changes every year I’m in this business, and if I based taking action off of how secure I felt in my business for the whole year (including the really hard days) I doubt I’d ever feel 100% pulled to share the spotlight with others.
But… then I realized that the true secret to community-building comes from implementing those practices even when it’s tough for me. When the grass isnt always green, or the times that I could choose to feel desperate and want to trust God less and worry more. THOSE were the times I needed to learn to trust Him more and take action that had impact, without fear.

And sure, it would be easy for me to let the fear of the unknown control my business decisions. I could offer lots of other things to make up for any loss I may seem to have as my business changes. I could take on jobs I know that are better suited for someone else just because I don’t want to seem to “give away income” or “be less popular.”

Photo by: Sweet Louise Photography

I could promote styled outdoor mini-session after mini for kids… and even though none of those push me closer toward my own individual goals, I know I could make money from those. However.. things like that drain me from my business’ “end game”, and they take away my time to spend on the other goals that I really want to achieve.

You see, when I let fear takeover my business the choices I make aren’t usually wise ones that promote long-term growth. They are short-term goals that have way too much of a bad emotion attached to them and are only considering the “now”. I may act like they are okay because they seem safe and that seems like a positive, but what I’ve come to realize is that fear doesn’t promote growth, it hinders it. If I wanted true business growth I had to make well-informed choices using all of my resources, and less of my emotions.

Photo by: Laze L Farm Photography

For me, letting go of fear in my business has been monumental, and not only has this blessed me, but it’s also blessed many others that I have had the privilege to refer new clients to. THAT difference has especially made it all worthwhile!!

I hope this encourages you to really dive deep and evaluate how you continue to plan your year, and better understand how your business decisions are being made. I truly believe we could all use a little more community spirit (and way less fear) so that we can continue to grow toward those goals that we know are just made for us! 💕

Photo by: Sweet Louise Photography

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