Dusty + Molly
Nighttime Downtown Asheville + Biltmore Estate Engagement Session

This session. It filled me up. It left me happy.

Why? Well it was my last session of 2017. The last session carrying Blakely around. The last session as a mom to one.
But mainly it was the fact that I got to spend this session with people I love! You see, this couple is none other than, my brother-in-law, Dusty and his future wife, Molly, and I love them both dearly!


We are pretty sure I met Dusty before Kyle, since he always came into McDonalds where I worked briefly in high school. (And no I don’t eat there anymore haha!) Since we met, and I started to hang with Kyle and his friends more, Dusty has always been one of my friends too… and he has always picked on me. It’s absolutely fitting than he is my brother-in-law now because he totally filled that role of being a jokingly obnoxious brother-type when Kyle and I were still dating hahaha!

Now, we have even more in common though. Dusty is a SUPER talented videographer and it has seriously been a privilege to work with him at multiple weddings these past few years. It’s also a blessing as a small business owner to have someone in the family to talk cameras and shop with as well!

Our family obviously loves Dusty, but we also ADORE Molly too!! When I got to really know Molly there was never a second I wasn’t ready for her and Dusty to end up together forever. She is the kindest and sweetest person I know, and she is the BEST sport when we constantly make very lame vegetarian jokes in her presence. Also, apparently one of the first events Molly came to with Dusty was OUR wedding where she barely knew anyone. Dusty was also IN the wedding and probably only briefly got to see her, so she was a super good sport back then too! I’m so happy we will be better friends at your wedding girl haha!!

Basically, I love seeing both these equally sweet and awesome humans so happy, and I’m so glad they have each other!


Now since Dusty + Molly both graduated from UNC-A, it was only fitting that we do a session in ASHEVILLE, aka my favorite place in the world! They graciously hosted Kyle and I at their lovely house overnight, and we got to do a shoot the night we got into town and the next day at the Biltmore. They also introduced us to several amazing spots to eat, and since I was still pregnant I was CLEARLY in heaven hahaha!

The first stop on our marathon session was Catawba Brewing Co. Shoutout to the bartender who tried to ID me when I just wanted to know where the water was. You really made this 9 month pregnant lady a little more confident haha.

Next we went to Biltmore Village where we found some lovely Christmas lights!!

Oh and Molly also spotted this beautiful mural outside of Catawba Brewing. Isn’t it perfect?! The streetlight was such a surprisingly great light source! I’m going to have to head back for more photos here during the day sometime too!

After this we headed back to their house and got some much needed sleep before our full day of shooting! The next morning we ate breakfast at the best spot, Another Broken Egg, and then headed to the incredible Biltmore Estate!

The Biltmore is seriously SO magical. I mean, am I the only adult who imagines what it would be like to live there every time I go– just like a kid would?! In love with the clean colors and beautiful architecture.
Some silly/mad photos I loved haha!

Back to cuteness!!

Their future album cover? ha <3


I’m so in love with this series featuring the back of the Biltmore House too! The next session I have we will be spending even more time at this spot!

So happy and silly <3

WORTH THE WALK for this view..

Molly looking amazing with that bling on <3

Dusty is SO happy he got the girl <3

Those sunset mountain views though… <3

Life goal: Build a house that is super photogenic at every angle haha!

Fun Fact: After this, I got photos of a engagement for a stranger that I’ll be sharing soon! SUCH a love filled day at the Biltmore!

After the sunset the last night we made sure to head to Antler Hill Village for some special photos with Christmas Lights!!
(Check out what’s special about the shape of the bokeh behind them <3 <3)

“..I tell you, the more I think it over, the more I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.”

I love this blurry out of focus shot. This is what love looks like to me. Happy and a little chaotic <3

I cannot wait for this Fall wedding <3

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