The PERFECT baby gift!
Vendor Spotlight | Cuddle Muffins Blankets

I am working hard on Blakely’s full first month blog post, but I wanted a separate post to highlight a local vendor who is just absolutely incredible. Erin came onto my radar with our local TuesdaysTogether group, but after seeing what business she owned I began to see her products pop up everywhere on my newsfeed by friends with little babies and kids!!

Erin owns Cuddle Muffins Blankets, which (I believe) specializes in making the sweetest personalized blankets ever that make hormonal mamas everywhere cry tears of joy over the cuteness haha!

I mean can you even stand how cute this beautiful blanket is? Cuddle Muffins is such a wonderful business to work with! I’m seriously so in love with this reversible blanket and can’t wait for Blakely’s first year to be documented with it!

It is also SO soft, and totally not just for looks. We have the Velvet plush one, but there are many other fabric options as well!! The pricing on this also makes it a PERFECT baby shower gift for friends and family!

Tristan loves this blanket too, so I really need to figure out what theme he should have (the options seem pretty limitless) and get one ordered so he doesn’t steal his sisters’ anymore haha!

Here is the link to Erin’s Facebook page where you can find updates on new blankets, patterns and even sales!
And here is her Etsy site where you can order your own blanket too!
To my family: if you are having babies then you probably need to now forget this blog post because I’m going to be like Oprah with these blankets in 2018 hahaha! “You get a blanket, you get a blanket, everyone gets a personalized blanket!!!”

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