Behind the Scenes: 2017 Weddings!
Get the INSIDE Look!

In 2018, I plan to do more fun things like behind the scenes Vlogs + Facebook/IG Lives, but nothing can take the place of these silly behind the scenes photos we get each year of shooting!

If you aren’t familiar with what we do as photographers it may seem that we have an easy job where we can lay around all day…

However, our job is no walk in the park… Especially when the weather is bad!

We really we have to be PROS at multitasking and more, and we did a lot of that this year.

ย So now, I’m going to give you a behind the scenes look atย fewย of the things we did in 2017:

I played peekaboo with brides..

We drove to TN to a wedding for a great friend, Zach! One that Kyle was a part of also, and Brad (Kelly’s husband) got to attend.

We took photos in front of the cutest bathroom ever hahaha.

We ripped veils out of brides hair…. Just Kidding… haha….

and paid attention to all the tiny details.

We captured the prettiest rings (and we haven’t lost any yet) LOL!

We made sure to always put our clients in the best light possibly, so that it “reflected” well on us…… ๐Ÿ˜‰

… but sometimes even they didn’t know what we were doing haha. (Same!)

We got completely in each others way…

and made sure the littlest bridal party members were always happy!

We also bossed around a lot of bridesmaids for the signature bed shot!

It was a crazy year….
If you haven’t worked with us you may not know this, but Kelly is the one that will be bossing you around on your big day! She is a mom to 3 boys and a former elementary teacher so she is amazing at this job!

She is also great with kids haha!!! FAVORITE SERIES EVER ^^^

Thankful she ran up those stairs to fix something for a photo.. Even though it was like 8 stairs that would’ve been a mountain climb for this pregnant girl at 8.5 months ha!

Um… I’m shooting here ๐Ÿ˜‰

Making sure the flower girl is happy ๐Ÿ˜€

Being a photographer is part-taking photos of other people… and part-photo bombing others haha!

Even the rain can’t stop her!!!!

This is Kelly in her element! Making little kids laugh, making photos funny for the groomsmen, and making the whole process painless for everyone involved! I wouldn’t want to attempt this with any else by my side!

It was such a great year shooting together again. She really helped me out in 2017 because this pregnancy was far from rainbows and sunshine the whole time. In fact, (TMI) there was a ceremony that I seriously had to stop shooting for 5 minutes and scoot to the bathroom to deal with the (all day) morning sickness I was having. Kelly picked up the slack and made sure nothing was missed during that time that I was away.

She deserves her own grand sparkler exit seriously haha!

Like I said above, this year was intense. I found out I was pregnant with Blakely in April 2017 and I was due January 2nd, 2018 which meant that I would be dealing with any sickness/pregnancy craziness at each and every wedding we had scheduled for 2017! It worked out well though since Kelly was is such a hardworker, and it also helped that my lowest point (that I mentioned above) didn’t leave me feeling bad the rest of the wedding day– thank goodness!!

Here are some of my favorite behind the scenes shots of me working with our LOVELY couples <3

I actually loves this photo SO much that I cropped myself out of it to give to the bride haha!

I’m such a fan of details and love working with them at the beginning of the day!

Brides are also my favorite so working with them before the ceremony is always a treat!! Just love this girl <3

Here, our couple was doing a traditional Albanian dance and I totally got stuck in the middle of it haha! I’m super awkward and Kelly captured that well!

My last wedding of the year and the last wedding I’ll likely shoot pregnant!! It rained for a while, but then it got so beautiful!

I just love this shot because it looks like I’m shooting nothing or ignoring the cute mom/bride interaction lol! (I’m actually shooting the sweetness from into the mirror though)

Here, I’m capturing a beautiful ring in a beautiful bouquet and LOVING my job!

Here are some completely crazy ones…. Like when it looks like I’m am photographing the inside of a guests ear….

… or when my pale self walks into several frames.. I do somehow blend into to the white background on the image below… #pale.

Now on to TEST shots… Those lovely unexpected, and possibly out of focus shots, we get when testing light or a background.

Kelly with a YUMMY cake!

Featuring Kelly’s pretty dress (super out of focus) while I test a flash!

Kelly… probably showing how little she loves me after dealing with a pregnant Courtney all year….. HAHA ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

We loved this bridal suite so much– That light!! Next time I’ll sit up for a photo haha!

I do LOVE this photo of me that Kelly took though. One of my favorites and perfectly shows how HAPPY weddings make me ๐Ÿ™‚

Also, adore this one I took of Kelly in the bridal suite we loved SO much!

And yes, I really loved having Kyle as a guest/groomsmen at our out-of-state wedding this year! Made the day even more fun at the second hottest wedding of the year!

… And even when Kyle wasn’t at a wedding I still acted like he was there by pretending to hold his hand haha…

And here is that look when someone (cough Dusty cough) picks up your camera and starts shooting random shots of you super pregnant at the end of the night haha…. bleh!

This image above and the next few images below showcase just how well Kelly and I can walk into each other’s way haha– okay it’s mainly me lol!

Oh and you might have seen this guy in some of our shots! This is Kyle’s brother (my brother-in-law) Dusty! He is a fabulous videographer that we love to get to work with! Honestly, he likes his job way more than this photo shows hahah!

It was pretty fun working with him and Kelly this year!ย 
He also fits in with us because he knows how to “get in our way” too.. JK.ย I really am kidding though and I had to search hard for these photos to give him a hard time haha.

^Great Abernathy minds think alike, I guess!

It was a fabulous year shooting weddings in 2017, and I cannot wait to see what 2018 has in store for us!

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