Photography Mentoring Session
with Jessica Bowman Photography

It was an absolute privilege to end 2017 with a mentoring session with this girl!

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I’ve known Jessica for years since we both went to the same schools. She has always been such a sweet, bubbly person, and that’s just one of the reasons I believe she is going to excel so quickly with her photography business!

She is also mega-talented and spent our time asking amazing questions! You know– the kind of questions that ask what she can do to further her business, not just what products to buy, etc.. I truly believe her attitude and approach to her business will help propel her further even more quickly! I really just cannot wait to see what this girl does in 2018 💕

She even took the time to write this sweet review on my business page— which means so so much!!

“Courtney is amazing! She did a mentor session with me yesterday & I learned so much from her! She’s so sweet & knows SO much about photography. I cannot wait to learn more from her, not to mention her pictures are always gorgeous! I highly recommend her!”

I’m also so thankful for our sweet models who drove all the way to VALDESE and posed so adorably in the cold!

Oh, and in case you are curious, let me give you just a brief breakdown of what YOUR own mentoring session with me could look like!
Jessica arrived at the studio at 2pm and from there we spent the next hour chatting about photography, her camera settings, Lenses, lighting, etc.. At 3pm our models (pictured above) arrived at the studio and we left to go shoot a few images with them.

During this time there are really two options that I encourage:

1) watching me interact with the couple and allowing me to lead the shooting process while shooting the poses I set up!


2) taking the lead on working with the couple and asking for critiques what you did well with posing, choosing the locations, etc. and what I think you should change!

After this we headed back to the studio where we had fresh images to discuss and edit together for the remainder of our time. From there I walked Jessica through my whole editing process and showed her how to edit (in Lightroom) using a few different styles. I also did this on her computer and recorded the screen while doing it so she had these steps saved to look back and walk through herself!

For me, these steps are especially important in my mentoring process because I do not want to just make mini- Courtney Abernathy Photography clones. I want to show a variety of different paths that you can take so you are better equipped to run your very own business!

Jessica chose to do my in-person mentoring, but I also offer online mentoring as well! I’m currently booking a limited amount of mentoring sessions this year and I would love to get you on my calendar— let me know if you have any questions! 💕

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