Headshot Swap!
Our Second Annual #TuesdaysTogether Event

I’m so excited for an amazing event that’s happening again this year… Our SECOND annual #headshotswap will be taking place in February! This is a fun event for the members of our local #tuesdaystogether group– which is an amazing group I get the privilege to lead for creative business owners in the Hickory, NC and surrounding areas! We believe strongly in #communityovercompetition and are working hard (together) to elevate our creative industries in our local #hickory area and beyond! You know the saying “a rising tide lifts ALL boats”? Well, that’s another belief we are super passionate about! I just cannot wait to take you behind the scenes of this fun day this year!!

One of the best things about this event is that it allowed most of us photographers to understand just
what our client feels as they prep for their session and are in front of the camera!
Sandy was super dedicated with her shooting as she fearlessly should in the road to get a shot haha!

Nicola (above right) holding one of her AMAZING candles! I need to do a whole blog post dedicated to these <3


Some of my other sweet photog friends killin’ it in front of the camera!

The following photos are by Kelly Harmon, so glad she took these of Annika and her girls!
It was such a privilege to meet her before she traveled back home <3


If you are interested in attending this year’s event and aren’t currently in our group shoot me a message!!
I’d love to help you find a community for your creative business!

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