The Why Behind Create + Understand
My Basic Photography Workshop

It’s February!!! Do you know what that means?!?!
It means it’s time for my very first workshop of the year!!!

And today, I want to talk about the heart behind this workshop. Maybe you considering this, but are still on the fence about joining, or maybe you just need to know more about me and what this workshop is about.
Well I can tell you that the heart behind this workshop starts at home..
Surrounded by the same four walls I grew up in there I was, a new mom with a goal.
A simple goal really– To capture my child’s life the way I see it daily.

So I quickly signed up for beginner photo classes at local colleges, yet I️ stopped 2 weeks in because the pace was too slow and as a mom I knew my time spent away from my son was so much more valuable. Basically, I was watching as my son’s life happen rapidly all around me and even though I️ had a fancy camera the shots I️ took weren’t capturing him the way I️ really saw him…

Memories were happening around me and I couldn’t capture them the way I wanted. I wasn’t patient (not my strong suit– ask my husband) and I was frustrated with the pace to learn the basics. Plus, a lot of what we were planning to cover were things I already knew.

I desired a crash course that could tell me what was important and what wasn’t for my desire to capture his life how it played out in my head, but I never found one designed this way locally!

However, that didn’t stop me. I picked up piles of books and watched online tutorials every night until 2am studying and obsessing, which turned a passion into a profession. Yet, I’ll never forget the desire I had to just be able to capture my own family’s life better.
And that is the reason I designed this workshop. I wanted other busy moms to not have to obsess late at night and search for helpful resources all over. I want them to have a “one stop workshop” that guides them in everything from what they need to focus on to fix any problems to the smart choices to make additional purchases. I knew the weekly course worked for some, but also that there were other impatient souls and busy moms, like myself, who were ready to dive into all the info they could their hands on right away.
This is how my Create + Understand course, that I launched in 2013, works! This course covers the very basics in the art of photography (create) and the technical side (understand)! I launched the 2018 February class last year, but I still have a few spots open! You can grab your seat here!

If you can’t make it, but still want educational content then you should sign up for my email list for beginners! I will be sending out content all during 2018 and beyond. Sign up for free here!

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