3 Quick Tips for Your Business + Mind
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If you want to learn something new about me here it is….
I could spend a weekend locked in a room, writing a large manual for the business owner in her first few years of business or the one still pumping herself up at the starting line! As an INFJ I actually would be thrilled to do this haha! Why? Because I was the girl in that same season just a few years ago who had questions about #allofthethings, and now I’m passionate about making sure the girl who is like me gets the real answers she desires in a timely manner!

I mean did you know that statistics say that 1/3 of small business fail within their second year of business and 50% fail during their first year!! 😱  I think it’s because us creative types get a little off track sometimes.. the numbers and legal stuff can be hard to deal for us, but that just means those are the perfect areas to begin to outsource! #yayoutsourcing

But maybe it’s not just the paperwork and taxes, maybe your mind is stuck feeling a little “off” too… If so, then I have the perfect 3 tips for you today. I hope they help you refocus on what’s important at the heart of growing your business!

#1 Don’t Play that Comparison Game
You are in a different situation than the photographers you compare yourselves too. Not one of them is exactly like you. Their starting points are completely different than yours, and even though you compare yourself to them now, you may end up doing something completely different than what you think you will be doing now. For example, I looked up to, idealized, and compared myself to newborn photographers at first because that is what I thought I would end up doing. WRONG! Now the only babies I wanna touch are my own haha!
#2 Leave Margin
Girrrrrrl (or guy hehe), you do NOT have to work all the time!! Give 100% when you are working, but leave time… no actually MAKE time to turn off too. Identify your goals well and work on them hard while it’s working time. BUT just like you shouldn’t spend to keep up or catch up with others, in reality you shouldn’t work yourself to death to try to catch up with them either!! My favorite author says, “It’s okay to grow slow..” and it really really is so leave space to exist outside of your business.
#3 Act Wisely
I borrowed this little nugget from somewhere, but it’s basically a story of a photographer who is shooting the world series. When he was asked just how he got the opportunity to photograph the world series he responded that he had shot every photography opportunity like it was the world series! So DREAM BIG, but don’t let those big goals blind you to what’s on your plate now. Doing great work now with aid in growing other areas organically! And that’s another reason margin is so important.. so you have room for those big goals!I hope that encourages you today! xoxo

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