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I cannot believe I’m sharing this, but I’m holding my breath and hitting the publish button!! Here is a video of me ramblinggggg about business things! Why? Well for the longest time, I had a mile long list of new things I wanted to do, but I was using different excuses to put it off!

2018, is the year to cut that out though so without further ado here is my new “Unpolished Vlog Series!” Yes, I’m holding Blakely. Yes, Tristan makes an appearance. Yes, this is all part of the charm haha! Here’s a few of the things I’m rambling about:

1:21 – When I First Started..
4:45 – Fears of not being professional enough..
6:45 – How I hurt my business with these worries..
11:10 – Why I made that mistake..
14:45 – What our clients are looking for..
16:30 – What makes me want to spend my own money..

And I promise these will be much much shorter in the future haha 😉

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