Just a month away…
It's been nearly seven years!

I cannot believe it will be our seven year wedding anniversary on this day next month.

We are 27 + 26 now and some people still think that’s young (I appreciate you people), but man what BABIES we were back then. 19 + 20. I wouldn’t change it though 💕

We aren’t perfect and there were days for us both when we first got married when I sure a seven year wedding anniversary seemed like a lifetime away—especially since we did things out of order and had to bring in a 5 month old baby’s things in with the wedding gifts 😂 Yet, how the time has flown, and I cannot believe that lucky 7 is almost here!!!

I love you so much, WKA! Thank you for always showing me love and grace, even when I don’t deserve it. I’m the luckiest woman in the world!!!!

PS- Also, glad I traded in all the hot pink for blush lol!

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