Body Acceptance
You Get What You Get + You Don't Pitch a Fit

Photos by: Mabyn Ludke Photography

Y’all I loathe my body sometimes… Anyone else feel me? I’m pretty much back to pre-pregnancy weight, but that was still the highest weight I had ever been… And then last Sunday rolls around and I wake up and realize I have to do two things..

1) Eat at Kobes (yummy) AND 2) Get my picture taken…

The first sounds more appealing for obvious reasons…. and the last one is just super frightening.

The night before, I found out I still wasn’t down the next pant size… which slowly started to chip away at my confidence before the event. I know it’s going to go back down sometime, so my past experience shows haha, but isn’t it crazy how when you are right in that moment it seems like it’s forever.

We got close to the end of our headshot event, and I had stayed away from any posed photos, but these friends, that I’m lucky to have met, said things like “you have to get some photos, you look beautiful” and “you’re all dressed up!” They reassured me that is was okay to still have baby weight when I brought it up and encouraged me in front of their cameras. I felt confident with them all even though I thought I left that somewhere else (with my missing lipstick haha)!

Photos by: Lutz Photography

So my biggest advice if you are feeling down is to challenge yourself to find an encouraging photographer to pump you up and tell you all the beautiful qualities you have! It will really turn your day, week and even month around!
Thank you ladies!


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