It’s Been a While..
Moving Announcement - Part One

You may have watched these past two weeks as we purged our house and added a ton of things to albums for our yard sales (We have another coming up tomorrow lol). Well we have to admit, that this wasn’t an ordinary purge! It’s a “We’re Moving” purge!! (This is the main reason I can’t hold onto anything we are selling! Lol)

We listed our sweet house (the one I grew up in once with my mom, dad and sister,  AND the same place Kyle and our own two babies have called home) at the beginning of April and it went under contract just a few days later! It’s such a bittersweet time for me.. I mean here you can see part of the “heights” for both families marked on the same door frame! However, we will be finishing up this chapter of our lives very soon and while it’s bittersweet, I can’t wait to share more about what’s next!!

I know this is very vague, and we will have a lot more to share about our move soon (don’t spill the beans if you know LOL)! But I’ll make sure to keep you all updated in the coming days and weeks 

Also… I am setting up automated messages for my business page and email for now because I won’t be working on anything new for a while, but I also won’t be on here much the next little bit! SO.. I promise, if you send a message or email and I don’t respond for a bit, I’m not ignoring you or anything— just trying to stay sane!

Thanks for reading this…
… now I have to get back to packing!

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