I still don’t know…

As we start this journey back with Chick-Fil-A and up to Iowa, I am getting a lot of “Where are you moving? What’s it like?” questions… and honestly, I can give you the address, but at this point your guess is as good as mine because I still don’t know what it’s like haha! 
I’ve actually only ever seen our apartment via FaceTime— once with the apartment manager before we signed the lease, and a few times since Kyle went there this past weekend to unload our stuff. 

It looks beautiful, but we know it will be an adjustment to go from a place where we could send Tristan to the backyard when he was acting #extra to a place where we have neighbors all around us! 🤪
And sure, while going from a house to an apartment may be deemed a “step backwards” for most people, I’m excited about this a new housing situation. Kyle and I do plan to have some fun and decorate it, but plan to do so on a budget, since we aren’t planning to live here forever. However, it’s also important to us to use our money where it MATTERS and shop with SMALL BUSINESSES when we can and then chains we believe in during the other times! 💕

Right now, I think I’m planning to make our apartment’s theme “minimalistic, frugal, and homey”— because although I love following Dave Ramsey I also have access to Pinterest still and can’t deny at least a few cute decorations hahaha. I’ve also scoped out (online) some cute stores to check out once we arrive that I think will have just what we need! 

(Passed out in IKEA)

Another big thing for me with this move was our health, which may seem hypocritical to some since we are moving to Iowa to restart the journey of pursuing a dream of owning a Chick-Fil-A, but moderation of nuggets (or just choosing a dang salad, Courtney) is key here haha…. #talkingtomyself

Anyways… in Iowa, we will be on our own. We will have no family closeby to help if we are sick, AND I will be traveling more than EVER before in airplanes 🤪 So according to my calculations there is approximately ZERO time to be sick— Therefore, our diet is changing*, the food we keep in the house is changing, our daily routine is changing*, our activity level is changing*, and so on. I’m also getting even more picky about the products we use everyday, from my makeup to the way we do laundry — it’s all getting “cleaned up” to hopefully better our health and lives. I’m going to use social media to stay accountable about this and Kyle and I are planning on starting a Facebook group to share more about this journey too. We know better, and now we gotta do better! *=Once we arrive and unpack lol!!

(His highest climb and my highest weight ever 🤦🏼‍♀️)

All this to say that this blog is changing, what I share is changing, and how I share it is changing too.

In addition to the jobs I’m still taking for photography, there will be more “mommy blogger/lifestyle” post, there will be more photography and business tips and tricks posts, there will be more travel posts as I conquer my FIRST EVER FLIGHT (of many) and we deal with the 15 hour drive, and there will be so much more of my family and I shared here and online because we (I) will need this outlet to talk about homeschool, or nursing, or my past business mistakes, or how much I’m craving chicken minis and more!

I hope you will stick I cannot wait to share this journey with you all!



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