It’s been two weeks and…


It’s been about two weeks since we moved to IOWA and I’m so grateful that I can say that during this entire transition we have all felt so loved. We have had so many family and friends back home praying for us and sending kind notes that I’m still trying to keep up with messages <3 We have new friends here that have stopped what they are doing to help us move heavy furniture upstairs and invite us over for dinner. We have had gifts dropped by for all of us to help get adjusted and it’s all really meant SO much!

I actually haven’t been to the store Kyle is working at yet because I’m still adjusting to this new normal while unpacking, but we did go Downtown Des Moines briefly the other day! It’s so crazy to me that we are so close by to SO much. There is a Super Target that I can basically see from the apartment, and a Cheesecake Factory about 15 minutes away. This is dangerous stuff!!!!

I’m preparing for my very first flight (yes, really) this next weekend and while can’t wait to be back in NC and SC for a weekend of sessions and weddings, please send me ALL the prayers for this mom’s heart who is leaving both her babies for the first time! I’m also on Day 9 of the Whole 30 program and just can’t believe the difference I’m already feeling. I’m preparing to blog about this soon for sure, because I think it’s something everyone should try!

I cannot wait to share more about this adventure!! Kyle and I have set some big goals for our health and businesses, and I think it will be so much fun to share all those personal aspects of our lives with you too! <3

Here are some random photos from our first two weeks in IOWA!

Nearly a FULL 24 hours in the car..


Wondering if my homemade, natural cleaner will clean up my “homemade, totally natural” mess needing to be unpacked haha.

Survival mode: Coffee + Oils lol


Kyle is the husband and daddy to my babies!



Adventuring in Downtown Des Moines!!

Things I love that I’ve found in Iowa so far: a sweet park with willow trees, and BlakelyMade <3


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