Identity Crisis

This time last year, I was making huge plans. I had just returned from some very BIG trips where I got to learn from and hug on my favorite mentors… Hope Taylor, Katelyn James, Lara Casey, just to name a few of my favorites!

I then spent the next few weeks mapping out my business. I was working SO hard and nearly throwing up in bushes at weddings #morningsickness, but I was handling it and thriving in that season of hustle and bustle #girlboss #ALLthehashtags.

2017 was THE year for my business. I began more mentoring, did fun behind the scenes vlogs and started opening myself up more and more. I was in full business building mode, sharing what I could and soaking up this wonderful opportunity that God gave me.

I envisioned 2018 to be an even bigger year for my biz than the last. I was brainstorming about hosting a local conference, I was working on new online workshops for moms and photographers, I was dreaming.. and I was dreaming big. However, the pace in which I’m actually hustling at now is quite different. During the Fall of 2017 I made a detailed business plan for 2018. This plan was to help me prepare myself and my business for maternity leave… not to actually leave the state. But my how things can change!!

We now find ourselves in Iowa of all places lol and Kyle is working hard toward the dream of owning his own Chick-fil-A. I am in FULL, 100% support of him and this INCREDIBLE journey, but when I got back from my most recent trip to NC a lot of craziness filled my head. I started to doubt the need to blog or Instagram or do any of it anymore since I wasn’t running a business full time currently. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE doing this photography thing, and I LOVE having my own place on the web to write out my thoughts and feelings… but I felt like no one I was friends with would care now that I’m gone. So I wondered if it was even going to be “worth” it to keep sharing. Depressing stuff, huh? Sorry, I keep it real up in here haha..
Basically with this move, I knew my priorities were taking a big shift and I realized my online presence would reflect that. I was no longer photographing shiny diamond rings every weekend, stopping by the studio, and leading eating tacos each month with a group of local business owners. Instead, I’m just trying to locate the local post office to pick-up a package I missed, staying covered in spit up and drool, and trying my very best to get myself and our family on a healthier track!

However, two people actually messaged me the next day and said I inspired them to start Whole 30… ME! Courtney “can I make that CFA combo large?!” Abernathy, inspired something that I think is so important just by talking (and complaining haha) about it online. It was honestly at that point that tears were shed and I realized that just being authentic through each journey that myself or my family takes is important and needed, and that this IS worth it no matter what season I find myself in!

To clarify, I am still running a photography business, still mentoring, still paying taxes *eye roll*, and still booking weddings and limited sessions in NC and surrounding! I’m currently contemplating my next step for photography in Iowa as well. However, with this move I have been able to take a step back and identify some other things that are important to me, and I’ve decided that I will be blogging about those way more too!

What topics can you look forward to seeing more of?

First up, myself and my family’s health! I cannot shove this out of my view any longer. It’s a problem. I’m on the journey to step-up and be the gatekeeper of my home and handle it. I’m sharing about it as much as I can in this group here (please join) and will start sharing more on the blog soon too.

Raising my Babies!
From homeschool to exploring this brand new state we are calling home, I want to share my mom life more with you. This was a part of me I hid away from the public so much when I was first starting my business (because I thought I neeeded to to be taken seriously). I’m making up for that now!

Cheering on and helping others!

Physically walking away from my Tuesday’s Together group in Hickory, was so hard. It makes me so happy to still get to help “lead” online during this time of transition. This means helping make connections back home between people I love even if I don’t get anything from it, writing encouraging notes/comments, creating photography educational content for photography lovers (mamas and pros), sending oily samples/mail to my online fraaands, and more!


Sharing our adventure, being authored by Him!

Since we announced our move so many people have said to me, “I could never do that. You are braver than me.” And I just need to clarify that this is not me or Kyle at all. We were put on this path by God. I’m not saying that because it’s Chick-fil-A aka “God’s chicken” either.. because I know that all things of this earth have flaws and my faith is in God, not in earthly things. However, I know there is absolutely no way this move would have EVER happened without Him changing my heart in several ways to prepare me for this journey and new life!


Yep. Those are just a “few” of the things I’m passionate about SO hold on tight.. You are about to see a lot of this life we’ve been given, the struggles, the journeys, the humor and more <3

PS- And here is the DIY spray recipe that saved us on this fun day at the lake lol!

 Here’s what you’ll need to if you wanna… stay happy outdoors this summer 😉

Witch Hazel
10-12 drops Citronella
8 drops Peppermint
6 drops Tea Tree
6 Drops Lavender
6 Drops Lemongrass
.. and if you have some maybe throw in some Purification too 🙂

Mix all those oils in a small glass spray bottle (love these – less than a buck each!) with half witch hazel and half distilled water! You can use more or all witch hazel if you’d prefer that too, but I don’t! We use and love YL oils, you can check them out here!

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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