What I Lost on Whole30…

The girl in these pictures has bounced from one health solution to the next. I’ve searched for the answer in everything, I’ve taken the pills, I’ve tried the shakes from various companies, but I’ve never tried a full 30 days of just WHOLE foods, with no added sugars (and some other things haha). You know.. a Whole 30 Program if you will haha!

When I started this journey I knew this challenge was between me and the grocery store… and the drive-thru… and the leftover Halloween candy stash tempting me during a late night editing session. So please don’t let these next words sound judgemental, I am purely speaking from my own experience.. not your unique story! 

For me, I needed this program. My stubborn head needed to know that I could depend on real food to sustain me (and Blakely) without having to make a protein shake or take a *special* supplement. I needed to know I could make myself a meal without having to pull out the rainbow of nesting storage containers or check the numbers in an app. I needed real food that would be able to walk in and buy (or grow) for the rest of my life, not cardboard packages of pre-made meals that I can’t know what’s truly in it.

I needed simple. “Eat this, not that. Here’s your plate template for each meal. Don’t screw it up.” And I needed a body/mind reset. Whole 30 has given my all of these things..

I reached my highest weight during my pregnancy.. and even with breastfeeding it never came off. In fact, I continued to gain. I was eating and drinking (hello, caramel frappe) my stress, my sadness, my excitement, my fears, and I was feeling like absolute crap because of it. Honestly, if I sat next to you telling you this story.. I would probably melt into a puddle. Crying tears of joy. 30 whole days are complete and I’m truly changed. Will I still indulge in Chick-fil-a and Tacos once in a while? Well, yeah I’m only human. However, through this experience I have learned so much about my body and using my food for fuel, NOT feelings or to reward myself.


I’ve learned that stress does trigger me to crave some bad things or larger portions, sadness too. Happiness and accomplishment triggers me wanting to treat myself with an iced coffee or other sugary treat. That was important to see because I needed to know just how I was using food too.
Before I share what I lost, please remember:
– I have a lot to lose- I’m not a size six or eight haha.
– We had to buy a new scale when we moved, so even though it’s on par with Kyle’s weight from his doctor visit here last week, I never want to be deceitful about that factor. However, I do know I gain several pounds after getting my “base weight” in early May with the stress of moving/eating out. So maybe those two factors just cancel each other out haha!
 Here ya go..

What I lost on Whole30…

  • most of my daily crazy cravings
  • a lot of the crazy inflammation pain I would have
  • the need for big portions
  • the need for food to curb my stress
  • the need for food to reward myself
  • the need to go up a size in anything
  • the guilt/shame eating cycle
  • half of a double chin… I think lol
  • some of my face puffiness
  • 90% of my bread and cheese cravings
  • the absolute need for coffee everyday to have any energy
  • And finally…. roughly 22 pounds (Again, I don’t have the same scale as back home, so I don’t want to seem deceitful, but I do feel that’s pretty accurate due to the way my clothes fit and factoring the pounds I gained (about 5-10) during the move that I didn’t track! It may actually have been about 5-8 more, but I’m okay with that number haha.)

The next step…

I will be continuing with the program for another 30-60 days. I suffer from thyroid issues and while this is not a quick fix to this issue I still want to continue the program for at least another 30 days before the reintroduction phase. A clean slate is important to reintro, but with the years worth of unhealthy eating and underlying health issues that directly affect my mood, energy level and weight, I want to continue on with” cleaning my slate” before I even consider testing out foods.

I also want to use the next 30 days to incorporate a more regular exercise routine. I didn’t worry about that during the first 30 days, because I KNEW that it would be so hard for me to balance a completely wheat-free, dairy-free, sugar,-free etc. lifestyle, with nursing, and a new exercise routine while everything was so crazy with our move. We just joined our local Life Time Fitness, and this place has me excited about going to spend some much needed workout time, even if it’s just simple cardio at first!

Over the next weeks of my continuation of the Whole30 program I’ll be blogging more about this journey, from sharing Kyle’s perspective to what tempted me, and of course, why you should start. However, I’ll give you my number one reason would you should try this now. You have nothing to lose. You don’t have to sign up with anyone, you don’t have to buy shakes, or pre-made meals, or get stuck with hundreds of dollars worth of product if you hate it. You literally just walk into the grocery store and make it happen <3

PS- If you want to see more day-to-day stuff, charts/lists about Whole30 please feel welcome to join my group on Facebook where I’m our sharing our wellness journey with food, oils, and more too! CLICK HERE for that!

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