Pills + Pity Parties

Whole30 is not about the weight loss, but since that is an overall wellness goal of mine, I’m going to talk about it…

And this next weight loss goal is hard for me. 

The last time I hit this weight (in this photo—years ago) I was taking a dose Phentermine (google it or don’t😬) every day. 

And once I started seeing results, all my hope existed in that little pill to make me skinny, but it did not fix the sad, broken feelings I had about my weight and myself. My pity party for one. And all of these feelings weren’t because of else’s opinion, but just because of my own perception of myself.

I want to speak plainly about it now and ignore the feelings of shame I feel about it because I absolutely 1000% don’t reccomend it, and want to let you know you’re not alone in feeling that way about yourself and your weight. However, taking that pill taught me nothing. The healthy habits I thought I formed while taking this pill were still so unhealthy for me. I mean the foods and supplements seemed healthy, a protein bar here, an amazing healthy shake there, but they weren’t at all beneficial for my health when I stopped taking it. All the hidden sugar in those healthy products had me hitting a HIGHER weight than I started at, and it just fueled my sugar dragon and cravings and so on!

When I started Whole30, I did it out of pure love and care for myself, not self loathing. Since then, I’ve entered a new mental space and treated my body with kindness on this wellness journey it’s on (after years of me pretty much abusing it.)

I want so bad for you to do the same too! I hope watching my journey will help you find the motivation to jump on the Whole30 train or at least google it and check it out because I think it’s a pretty FABULOUS way to care for yourself (even if you have to do a ton more dishes)! 💕


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