Introverted in Iowa..

Oh Iowa… I love your flat land and pretty sunsets. I love Downtown Des Moines and being close to any store and activity I could ever need as a homeschool mom..
But I miss our family and friends and being right down the road from everyone. This moving thing is hard stuff. And when it’s hard I have to remind myself that…

We want a life for these babies that’s worth chasing after, even in a cross country move that makes us feel sad at times. We want a life for other babies and children through fostering, adopting, and donating that is worth chasing after. We want a life for us as a couple (not just now, but decades from now) that’s worth chasing after. I’m all about a legacy of little moments, you can read about that all on my site, but legacies have their big, defining moments too. And this is absolutely one of ours.

Obviously, Kyle and I did the whole leave and cleave thing with marriage in 2011, but I feel like our move has us doing that again. We left everything we know and love behind in NC, and are cleaving to each other in a completely different way as we navigate this new place during our new season of life.
Now, I’m an introverted, homeschool mom in the middle of the town of Unfamiliar, Iowa… (Okay, it’s really Johnston lol). I can probably count the number of people I have really met and chatted with that live here on two hands!! Luckily, they are all fabulous. As an introvert, I do really miss lots of people knowing me, or my family, or Kyle (usually Kyle haha) like back home because it certainly made it easier to fit in and NOT stand out. It’s an understatement to say that it’s hard being new. The awkward intro, the small talk, it drains me, and I pray I can walk through this season well and with my head held high, even when I want to bury it in the sand. (Sand at the lakes, because they are no beaches here boo! Lol)
I do keep reminding myself that this is something I was chosen for, and the hard stuff is developing me in ways I never would’ve known. I know that my purpose is here currently, and I’m going to live this new life to its fullest through every feeling I have… The doubt, the imperfection, the fear, the sadness, the happiness, the suspense, the crazy, and more.

I trust in God plans for my family and I, and I know that every time I feel uncomfortable and unfamiliar during this time of transition will truly be worth it in pursuit of the life that I clearly envision for my family! 💕

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