Wellness Whining
Being Grateful, not Hateful

In the not-so-quiet mornings of bible study and journaling this morning (#momlife), God placed this on my heart to share. It’s hard because I am so convicted of this, and I had to have a massive change of heart my very first week of Whole30 last time. However, since I started my second round of #Whole30 today I felt called to publicly share about this problem I see all the time, including with myself…

Let’s call it “Wellness Whining”, “Food Fussing”, or even “Portion Privilege” 

It happens like this… when you make that all-empowering change and start to push aside the Oreos and chips it can feel really challenging. And it IS a challenge. Sugar has habited your body for years, likely even decades if you are online and reading this!

Because of this (and if we are sticking with the alliteration pattern) when I started this journey I found myself stuck with letter H words. I was hungry, hateful, humdrum, and had lots of hankerings. “I HAVE to eat this. I HATE not being able to have this xxx. This isn’t fun. I’m defeated. UGH.”

But then, God showed me a simple post from someone I know who was struggling with just meeting their very basic needs, and I gained some harsh perspective on my healthy goals again…


We probably all know this on the surface, but being hit again with this reality in the midst of this challege allowed me to find happiness in my goals, and I found myself gifted with letter G words now. Growing (in mind, body and spirit) and Grateful. “I’m growing so much from this experience!! I GET to eat heathy!! I GET to fuel my body well!! I’m so GRATEFUL to God for this!!”

I really never realized just how privileged and stuck in a food funk I was until I did my first round of Whole 30.. The switch was hard, but the mindset change of seeing food as fuel and an absolute blessing, and not for my feelings or to silence a craving was my biggest takeaway!
Now, I am even more thankful to be able to purchase the foods I do each week. I am so underseving of this blessing, but He continues to provide, and I won’t waste any time complaining about that.
If you are considering changing your food habits, just know I’m cheering you on!!! But I also really want to learn from my mistakes, so I encourage you to wake up each day and sit down to each meal with the mindset of thankfulness for your food, not fussing and whining.
For me, this applies double to sharing online. I do want people to know I’m human and have cravings, but I also don’t want to be unappreciative of this great gift I’ve been given.
I know that are many people who WANT so bad to be able to make the switch to healthy food, but they don’t have the resources too, either with their time or financially. I also realize that there are those who honestly may not know any better and if I am complaining about everything I CANNOT eat, vs. what I CAN eat than why would they be drawn to making changes to better their health?
Basically, they won’t be and I need to be mindful of that! So friends, if you are in the middle of a season of change to better yourself and family, will you join me in being thankful today and sharing how you’ve been blessed? I would love to see how God has taken care of you 💕


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