What is Whole 30?
Whole 30 Series

Since sharing some of my Whole 30 success here and on social media I have had so many questions about WHAT Whole 30 is! I’m so excited to share about this publicly to refer people to it, but first let me tell you what Whole 30 is not

Whole 30 is not a Multi-Level Marketing company that you purchase meals/shakes from. When it came to the food I needed to consume each day, this was key for me. I wanted something that taught me about good nutrition and used things I could buy, and even raise or grow myself one day! If you see a food product shared that has the Whole 30 symbol on it it just means that the Whole 30 organization has researched the company and product and approved that it fits within the Whole 30 program mold!

Whole 30 is not just about weight loss. Yes, I lost and am still losing a great amount of weight using this method, but I’ve had way to many NSVs (Non-scale victories) to count too.

Now, that we’ve talked about what Whole 30 is NOT, let’s talk about what it is..

Whole 30 is wellness program designed to help your body and mind reset, by replacing nutrient-void, inflammatory, and even downright dangerous food/drink with nutrient rich and beneficial food/drink. After 30 days you slowly reintroduce certain foods you’d like in your diet and make sure your body gives you no trouble when reintroducing certain food groups by adding them one by one (example: dairy, grains, legumes, etc.).

After your reintroduction is finished, you are welcomed into the Food Freedom phase of Whole 30. This is where you take the principles you learned during your Whole 30, combined with the things you learned about your body and certain food groups/products during Reintroduction, and make a plan for your food choices going forward.

You may be a changed person after one round, or decide to do more rounds to helps others, remind yourself of what you’ve learned, or reset your body again.

The rules of Whole 30 are strict within the 30+ days, but it really disciplines you and sets you up for success outside of the program itself. Personally, I really needed something that taught me how to eat good foods made by God, and how/why to not over-indulge on other things!!

If that all sounds grand to you, then here are some resources to find out more about what you can and can’t have:

First, here are the books that are written by the Whole30 creators.

– It Starts with Food
– Whole 30: The 30-Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom
– Food Freedom

There are also various Whole 30 written or approved cookbooks you can buy, plus a Day by Day guide (pictured)!

Finally, remember how I said that this wasn’t like a MLM thing where you have to buy every month, well that’s true. In addition to that, absolutely all the information and rules are available online for you to read, print, and use for FREE.
These are favorite FREE Whole30 Printables. I recommend making a binder or folder for all these resources:
Whole 30 Shopping List:

Whole 30 Additives (a few things to avoid and that are okay during your round):

Whole 30 Meal Template:
Whole 30 Sneaky Sugars:
Whole 30 NSV (Non-Scale Victories) Checklist:

EVEN More Printables

I hope this post helps you as you begin your journey!!


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