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Abernathy Wellness Journey

About a month ago I had a non-kid moment while getting my hair done. With black iced coffee in hand, I suddenly felt like I had ALL the time in the world so I’m answered some messages about Whole30, photography and oils, but I wanted to share this on the blog.

Someone asked me what I *actually* used from the YL starter kit! So I decided to sit aside the kit oils and then kept track of the ones I used throughout that day only and I want to share that with you!

In one full day I used this from the kit:
Frankincense – On face!
Raven – For my lingering cough/gunk!
Lemon + Peppermint – In diffusers for fun/energetic smell!
Stress Away – For my sanity!
Copaiba – For teething baby!
Lavendar – In our Diffusers at night!
PanAway – Lower Back pain!
Citrus Fresh – On our Dryer Balls for Laundry!
And Thieves Cleaner – for messes 🤦🏼‍♀️

(The extra crap that frank removed on cotton swab is picture below, so 🙃)

^That’s why I genuinely love the kit deal vs. buying them individually. Kyle and I even bought another kit in August ourselves to have more of these haha! 🤣

You can check out their kits here and let me know if you have any questions!!

Oh and here’s a disclaimer:

I always like to disclaim that I’m all about sharing about these oils and products because they really have changed so much for our family. However, I’m not someone who only wants to talk to you about it if you buy “from” me, and love swapping recipes and idea with all my oily friends on a journey to better health.

If you use that link and bought a kit. I can make $50, but that’s not worth it to me to try to lie and become some sketchy MLM person over… 🤣 so I do always gift back the max amount of money that Young Living says I can to anyone who grabs a kit up with me, which is $25, along with a handbook that tells you more about them and another goody though! So if one day you end up getting a kit with that link just contact me and let me know where I can PayPal that to and you can spend it wherever you want (more oils or brownies or Chickfila or whatever. I won’t judge.).


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