The Seven Year Itch..

The easiest part of 2019 will be loving a guy who sees me make a face like this and still loves me hahaha. Or one who lets me roll my eyes at him as he tells his meeting Katy Perry story from this video hahaha.

In March 2019 we will celebrate our 8 year wedding anniversary!! It’s crazy to be 27 and have nearly a decade of parenting and marriage experience (#teenmom). Most of friends are in that stage now, and it’s so exciting to watch them experience all the firsts, but I know under the smiles and social media posts there can be hard struggles too.

Marriage is such a delicate balance, and adding a baby early (or before if you are like us) can be hard, but it’s NOT impossible! It’s just going to require you to be extra selfless and considerate of the others feelings…… and I can say this because I tried the other way, the selfish way, and it was hard. I wanted to be right, and if we fought sometimes proving that was my selfish goal. I’ve (very slowly) learned just how dumb that was.


Even when we disagree it’s not always going to a definite black or white. Sometimes we meet in the middle… sometimes it’s gray.

Once I started to battle harder with my pride, than I did with Kyle, our marriage changed.

Sure we get annoyed with each other still, but being mostly selfless, yet still brave enough to ask for a little time to be selfish (like when one of us needs a nap, or needs something taken care of the other usually does, etc.) has been so freeing!

2018 was probably one of the best years for our marriage— which is funny considering it was year 7 and most people think this: “The seven-year itch is a psychological term that suggests that happiness in a relationship declines after around year seven of a marriage.”

I’m thankful for last year, year 7, and can’t wait for year 8-forever you with you, Kyle! 💕


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