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"It's nice to know I'm not alone.
I've found my home here in your arms."

I'm a wedding + portrait photographer based in the foothills of North Carolina. I have a deep love for the ocean and mountain regions of this beautiful state, and the surrounding states as well. I have the immense honor of working with everyday couples who believe that their story is the absolute, greatest love story ever told. I don't expect my couples to have an expensive, elaborate or picture perfect love story, because my husband and I certainly do not. However, I do hope their relationship is the most precious and valuable item they possess on this Earth, and that they will continue to focus on their marriage long past the wedding date.

For portraits, I primarily photograph ladies of all ages to capture portraits that highlight the grace, beauty and strength inside of them. I have seen first hand how our culture wants to feel unconfident and "not enough" and I believe having a photography experience that builds you up can help improve how you perceive yourself. I love being apart of that and helping people find joy!

As a photographer, I love to capture those tiny, sometimes ignored moments that make up your story. These can be things that you may not value at the time, like any other human being, but one day they will become the only thing you are able to think about. When someone we love passes the first thing we do is look for ANY photo we have with them in it. We find many photos we hated of ourselves and hid for many years because of small unimportant details, yet in that moment nothing else matters. All we want is to find a photo that shows us that deep connection so we can see the impact of someone else's life.

If you are searching for a photographer, I would love to capture beautiful memories for your family, your children and your grandchildren. Above that, I want to assist you in preserving your legacy so that even your great-great-great-grandchildren can see the impact you've made.

Legacy. What is a legacy?

It's planting seeds in a garden you never get to see.



Meet my loving husband, Kyle. He is not a photographer, but he is a intricate part in making sure that Courtney Abernathy Photography succeeds. In the beginning, his duties included helping me build props or transporting a couch/bed to a random field, ha!

Now he helps behind the scenes to manage more business aspects, so I can focus on the creative work and loving on my clients. He does still get roped into moving heavy props when needed though, but he is a fabulous member of my business. Yay marriage!

PS- Homeboy does NOT ever touch a camera though haha!

Kelly is one of my best friends in the photography world and the regular world. We share a love for capturing amazing moments and homeschooling our kids! She is an amazing professional photographer in Valdese, and focuses on newborns and children.

Kelly is connected to my business because she is my exclusive "second shooter" that I work with for weddings. In fact, we used to have a brand/website devoted to our partnership, but it was just easier for me to keep up with one site haha!

I handle the contact with couples, but Kelly plays big role by showing up the day of to work with the groomsmen (she was a former teacher with three boys of her own so she is a pro at this, ha!) and taking treasured photos of everyone from grandma to the ring bearer!

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